onsdag 29 april 2009

To store perfume samples.

How to store perfume samples can be a problem. At the beginning when you´re having about 10-20 samples it´s ok to just keep them all together in a box or a glass. But when you´re once hooked on perfumes the samples become more and more and more...
I am lucky enough to have a husband working at a hospital, he brings home test tube racks to me. And I can´t thnik of any better way to store perfume samples on. It fits perfectly, some bigger samples may be to big, but I´ve got mostly 1-2 ml samples and they´re just fine in there.
If lacking test tube racks, I think it would be good to store the samples in small shot glasses or other small glasses.
How to then organise the samples is a matter of personal taste, but I´ve chose to order mine alphabetical, with the name of the perfume house. Others may prefer to order according to fragrance family or the name of the perfume. The only thing important is that your order suit you.
So tell me, how have you arranged your samples? Or maybe you´re happy having them lying around all over? Or even having your entire perfume collection in a special fridge with precise temperature and humidity?
I have to confess that I store most of my perfumes in an usual room, without boxes. That is because I enjoy watching my perfumes. I guess when I having a bigger collection I will store away perfumes according to season and depending on how much I use them.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I have a massive perfume sample collection too, I keep mine in a big jelly bean box.

    I have a interesting question a friend asked me the other day, "What are you ultimately going to do it with all?" I have no idea, I can't bear the thought of using them all! I generally only use them if I got 2+ or love the scent. What about you?

  2. Pretty interesting perfume collection huh? Those bottles are almost vintage-like.

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