fredag 10 april 2009

Perfumes for a pin-up girl.

I like the classic pin-up pictures. Among pin-up girls Bettie Page (that died recently) is the most famous, or maybe even Marilyn Monroe, but she become so much more than a pin-up girl eventually. And Bettie Page posed for some more daring photos as well, containing bondage and spanking, wich lead to legeal action.
In my opinion pin-up pics aren´t supposed to be so daring. I prefer an image of the pretty, sweet and healthy girl-next-door kind of girl, only with slightly less clothes. The pin-up girls doesn´t have much in common whit todays pornostars, no they have more in common with todays cute pop celebrities. They share looks and style of clothing. Now and then some popstar happens to show a bit of a breast, and that happened even to the most innocent pin-up as well.
It´s not so strange todays celebrity perfumes often are so sweet, floral and fruity to it´s character. I happen to think most of them are much to sweet, but that aside, there is something youthful, sweet and girlie in most celebrity scents.
Just the kind of perfume that would suit a pin-up girl.
But there must be alternatives that isn´t that sticky sweet? Definitly! If you feel like being a sunny, happy and innocent pin-up girl for a day, there are a lot to chose from, besides Britney Spears', Jennifer Lopez' and Christina Aguilera´s toth aching blends.
I´ve got the pleasure to try a lot of different and very nice perfume oils from thanks to the article I wrote for Fragrantica. Here is much to fin if you´re looking for fragrances with a obvious retro sense, sex appeal and also a big dose of bubbly joy. Yes, most perfume oils from Opus Oils make me smile, they are soft, cuddly and sensual. Especially Jitterbug Perfume, inspired by the book with same name by Tom Robbins, unfortunatly I haven´t yet read it, but I sure will. Jitterbug manage to create a youthful feeling, without being girlie och childish, it is clean, white and and a fragarnce for someone that has nothing against being in center.
Tramp is another favourite from Opus Oils, but this one is much shyer. It is sweet, creamy and warm. With notes of patchouli, wood and tobacco it´s easy to belive this is a strong oil, but it isn´t, it is easy to wear and very comforting. Shy and subdued, Tramp don´t mind being in the shadow of Jitterbug.
Moxie Beauty also have a lot of really good alternatives for the modern pin-up. Some new releases has taking place in the Burlesque-collection, and oh don´t they look nice? Moxie also offers a little sample pack for 15 pund. Nice, happy and sweet fragrances. I just have to think about Puppie Love to become in a much better mood.
And if we skip perfume oils and focus on usually perfumes. What is it to chose among if yoy want to be pin-up girl for a day?
The first that comes in my mind is Frederic Malle´s Lipstick Rose. A superior mood lifter. Sexy, happy and unique. Red lips and red shoes are a must when you wear this gorgeus perfume.
B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful has got an amazingly good review (from Luca Turin) for it´s perfume Breath of God, and it´s worth it, but there are other goodies among their perfumes. Keep it Fluffy would fit perfectly here, it is... fluffy, soft and cuddly like a soft pink angora jumper. A very comfy perfume, but under the flyffy surface there is warm, nice and just the slightest dirty musk hiding. Adorable. Pyjama party, bunny slippers and the shiniest lipgloss match this perfume perfect. If you don´t feel like wearing pyjama you can also wear a pink satin jacket and a high ponytail.
Dianne Brill EdP is also a happy, entusiastic and cuddly perfume. This is perfume with charm and a lot of warmth and joy. Dianne Brill´s perfume remind me of Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, but like a blonde version. A little easier, happier and more easy to approach. Borrow a big flannel shirt or a sweeter (from your husband, boyfriend or father maybe?) brew a cup of good tea and finish it off with some drops of Dianne Brill. Perfect.
Vive Maria´s Almost Innocent is almost innocent. Yes really, this is a white, light and comforting perfume, it could be boring if it wasn´t for that almost... Under the comfortable white flowers there is some warm, creamy and fine musk that manage to make it interesting and sexy. Almost Innocent is as made for white clothes, why not a typical Marilyn Monroe-dress? Feminin, powdery and almost... innocent?
The fragrances above is all quite sweet, but not as sweet as ordinary celebrity perfumes use to be. They are feminin, flirty and a little girly. One thing they all got in commin is that they don´t seem to take them selfs so serious, and, once in a while we´ll need that kind of fragrances also, I think.
Do you have any suggestions for sweet, warm at heart and pinup-like perfumes?

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