lördag 18 april 2009

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful - B Scent

There is something special with France, isn´t it? I don´t think only about perfumes now, there is the food, the language, the clothes and the various french landskapes from the alps to the green fields and forrests, from the meditterean to the atlantic ocean and of course there is... the french movies. One of my big favourites are Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, well maybe not so original, but it´s really a movie that manage to be moodlifting, beautiful, happy, touching and very, very french. And with Audrey Tautou, the worlds cutest frenchwoman, it could get much better.
Do you also like Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain? Would you like to be reminded of the feeling in the movie? Have you ever thought about a appropriate perfume for Amelie? Maybe you can stop looking. B Scent from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful may be the answer. I am truly happy to got the chanse to try their perfumes, they are something quite stunning. With eleven tried I really, really like seven or eight or even nine, and that is quite an achivement from the same place.
And B Scent is one of my absolute favourites, it is refreshing, cute, absolutly charming, happy moodlifting and zesty. B Scent is the perfume that make my steps a little more hippety-hoppety, my dimples deeper and the glimpse in my eyes to become even more glimpsier. B Scent is filled with youth, but also timeless, you can wear B Scent no matter how old you are, without feeling like you borrowed your daughters (or younger sisters) perfume. B Scent has notes of citrus, wich make it fresh and bubbly (but forget sporty!) but there is also something warm, fluffy and powdery in it from rose and other flowers, and there it is also the oooomph, it can´t be described, it has to be experienced. That kind of oooomph you can find in almost all of B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful´s perfumes, and it is worth the cost of the perfumes many times around. There is something deep, musky and even dirty in many of their perfumes, also in B Scent. Well, B Scent is something all together special and unique, most certainly having in mind it´s a daytime fragrance. B Scent manage to play all over the place, and do it with honour, almost like Audrey Tautou if you get it?
And who doesn´t want to feel like her for a day?
Longlasting, but not forever, really good sillage. Dont miss it! Overall B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful´s perfumes deserve attention. What is not so good about them? Well, the name maybe, it´s kind of long, but on the other hand very english. They are kind of hard to get outside UK, but you can order trough their homepage, even tough I´ve heard the shipping to US is really expensive, I don´t know how it is within Europe. But you sure gets a lot of perfume for the money.

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