tisdag 31 mars 2009

Parfumerie Generale - Cadjmere

I am a women with many obsessions, together with a lot of other things I have a quite big collection of boxes. Boxes isn´t that bad to collect, there is a lot of different boxes, they are easy available and one can always afford a small box (and they dosn´t take that much space either if you travelling around). Of course there is also very expensive boxes, like antique japanese varnish boxes, delicate boxes from the era of rokoko and artfully made wooden boxes with intarsia and mother-of-pearl. I have to admit that I haven´t that many of that kind of boxes in my collection.
There is a kind of box that can be both beautiful to look at and also fascinating, so called secret boxes. Boxes with different kinds of hidden mechanism that make it a challenge to open the box. Sometimes even small boxex hidden in a bigger, like russian babushkas. I think in that kind of box, one should keep love letters, secret charms and strange poitions. Imagine to find that kind of box at an antique store, no one has been able to open it for years and who knows what kind of secrets hiding inside it? Oh, if I could only open it!
Well, let us for a while leave the secret box and instead turn our fokus to Parfumerie Generale`s Cadjmere. I´ve got a little sample of it together with a lot of other samples from Luckyscent right before I was going to Boden and my mothers birthday party. During the trip I tested the perfumes, and of all Cadjmere was the one I liked the most. I liked it so much, that I decided to wear it at my mothers party. As soon as I put on another fragrance I missed Cadjmere and wish that I could wear it instead. Well, I use to love perfumes at fist sniff, but Cadjmere almost put a spell on me.
I´ve got home and continue to test other perfumes, but with Cadjmere constantly in my mind. You can understand that a small 1 ml sample, dosn´t last long if you want to wear the tiny drops all the time?But how does Cadjmere smell? Is it the most fantastic interesting, refined, wonderful and remarkable olfactory trip ever? Nope. It smells good. It smells really good, a little sweet and chilly and warm wood and some citrus and some more good. Cadjmere makes me happy. But it dosn´t really touch me. I smell it and I find it to smell SUPERNICE but without depth, without interesting layers and no memories rises, nothing, nada, zero!
The days go by and I try other perfumes, learn to know them and with some I discover a deep, a soul that only have taken some time to get to know. Cadjmere continue to lure me but I ignore it.
After a coupple of days I try Cadjmere again, and well, the crush is gone. It still smells as good as the first time, but I have manage to get out at the other side of Cadjmere and realise it´s lack of something. Lack of life, deep and soul.
It is like struggeling for days with a secret box trying to open it and finally made it and discover that it is... all empty. The box itself is of course still beautiful, but in the imagination one have made the content so big that when one find the box empty, it is hard to appreciate the beuty of it.
Cadj,ere is a beautiful perfume and maybe I imagine i become a little more beautiful when I wear it, and it makes me happy and that isn´t bad. After all Cadjmere is so worth trying, after all, on you it may become something more than a futile fragrant beauty?

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