måndag 6 april 2009

Comme des Garcons 2

You know that kind of ink blots used within psychiatry? It´s called rorchachstest and consists of symmetric ink blots that one´s supposed to look at and then say what you think they look like. A lot of people see puppies playing with balls, or strange flowers or exotic birds other see a coupple of perverted siamese twins or a maneating vagina. I think the last examples isn´t that good, so if you see something like that in the ink blots above, maybe you should really consider go talking to someone. What I see? Well, honestly I think most of the blots above looks like strange, messed up butterflies, wxcept for one... eh, let´s skip that, shall we?

Comme des Garcons perfumes will always have a special place for me, since they was the first perfumes that makes me realise there was a whole niche world out there. At this point I have some CdG favourites, but also some I don´t care about at all. But there are also a lot of them still to be tested.

When it comes to CdG 2 I have been quite slow. Noty because I don´t find it interesting, but others has come in my way. But finally I´ve got me a sample of it, and what about it? Oh, it is really fine!

I wish I have encountered it earlier. I´ve only tried it a coupple of times, but it allready become a favourite among the first CdG perfumes. CdG Parfum is a little to much on me, and CdG 3 is one of my sublime favourites, but honestly it is too sublime from time to time. CdG 2 is somewhere in between.

It is the smell of wet black ink, shadows of incense, silhouttes, strenght, soft caressing petals, elusive and straight forward at the same time. It has one thing in common with CdG 3, it is hard to get. And it don´t want to get catched. Leave this fragrance alone, because if you start hunting it with your nose and come to close, it will only end up like a messy blur. Like a rorchachs blot, if you look on it for to long and start thinking about what you see, it´s only become a messy blot of ink.

When having CdG 2 on a little distant, it start´s singing on my skin, changes, develops and become more and more intriguing. Trying to savor it, only a strange muddle is left.

CdG 2 has the strenght in common with CdG Parfum, I imagine by testing CdG 2 I come a little closer to understanding of CdG Parfum. CdG 2 is the bridge between the overdosed spicy CdG Parfum and the elusive, green floral CdG 3. I imagine a relation that makes the whole serie much more interesting, a sum bigger then the parts in it. So CdG 2 was an aha-experience for me. (I´m sure hundreds of perfume lovers has discovered this before me, but for it´s new)

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