fredag 3 april 2009

Memoire Liquide - Opale Noire

Aren´t opals fascinating? And no, I have never collect opals or I don´t think I ever will. Australia and especially Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy are knowned for their opals. Occasionalt people visiting the small societies suddenly are strucked with opalfever and decide to stay there and become opal diggers for good. Well, I have to admit I have some understandning even for that kind of obsession.
Some time ago I´ve ordered five Memoire Liquide-samples, but non of them, except of Opale Noire, made any impression. On the other hand Opale Noire make quite an impression, here we got an interesting fragrance that kind of sneak up on you.
First off there is pineapple, citrus and creamy vanilla, and I wonder what that kind of notes has to do with the name of the perfume? Just be calm, soon the darker one´s come to play, and they are very pleasant dark notes of soft wood and tender smokiness. The perfume is really strong and, not much is needed to make me wonder around in my own little cloud of smoke. But there isn´t any heavy kind of smoke, no easy and fresh if smoke can be fresh? The smell reminds of a fire outside with the finest woods, what a vaste, and it sure smells good. Even tough the note of smoke is dominant, there still is some fruity notes left, and they shine trough now and then, almost like the colours shifting in a black opal, and I guess that´s the whole point with the name.
The fruits make this a very interesting and unique fragrance, these fruits I dare to recommend to everyone that´s normally don´t like fruity perfumes. This is a rare way to use fruit notes, almost likes smoked pineapple, can that be good? Well, it smells good at least.

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