tisdag 28 april 2009

Thierry Mugler - Eau de Star

Usually I don´t care much for aquatic perfumes, but there is always exceptions. Thierry Mugler´s Eau de Star is such an exception. And I think it´s really nice to find a favourite in an unexpected olfactory group.
Last summer Eau de Star was almost my signature scent, partly beacuse I didn´t had as much samples as now to test and partly because Eau de Star is really suitable for summer. Summer and perfumes can be a difficult combination. The summer sure isn´t here yet, but in southern Europe there is already, at least swedish, summer temperatures. With temperatures around 40 degreec celsius and air humidity like a rainforrest I understand there will be difficulties wearing perfumes. Well, there is reasons to be happy for our relativitly cool summers in Sweden after all.
You may wonder, why buy Eau de Star when ther´s Angel? I like to put it the other way around, why buy Angel when ther´s Eau de Star? To be honest I have never had, even a sample, of Angel. I´ve only tested it from time to time when stumble upon it in shops. Maybe I would like it better if I tested it more carefully at home? And usually I really like oriental, sweet, gourmand and unusual kind of fragrance, but still I have never fallen for Angel. I find it to be a little to much and like being all over the place. Allt that that Eau de Star isn´t.
Eau de Star is cooling; like a waterfall after a hike in the rainforrest, Eau de Star is refreshing; like a glass of cold beer with a slice of lemon after a day in the sun, and most of all, Eau de Star is beautiful; like stardust against a dark night sky.
Even tough Eau de Star is light, refreshing and cool, it is also different, oriental and sweet. And it´s really, really longlasting. Eau de Star is like a grown-up version of Angel, but also a much more bubbly, full of life, joy and easy to like/love.
Angel is said to be to usual, not in Sweden tough, the only perfumes I discover use to be teenagers that sprayed all over with some of the latest celebrity scents. But if you find Angel to common, why not try Eau de Star? You may get a new favourite, at least if you like Angel, and if you don´t the chanses are still good that you will like Eau de star. At least give it a try!
Eau de Star is the smell of honey water, the softest patchouli there is, the smell of the wrapper around the toffee and the smell of the shadow under a tree close to the sea...
Eau de Star can be found for good price on the net. I´ve got mine for around 5 euro at Tradera, but partly because the seller didn´t write the name of the perfume nor that it was a Thierry Mugler perfumes, so I guess I was a little lucky. And you know what, there are few perfumes I´ve get as many compliments as with Eau de Star!
Me, and a lot of other perfume bloggers, write a lot about different niche- and other hard to find- perfumes, but there are a lot of really great designer perfumes also. Usually I appreciate Thierry Mugler´s perfumes, Alien is great and so are both A* and B*Men too.
Otherwise it´s the time of year when my perfume interest get beaten a little by one of my other big interests, namely gardening. Yesterday I´ve planted some different flowers, but I still haven´t found any patchouli plant. And oh, our pup has got a really bad stomach after eating a frog cadaver. :(

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