onsdag 15 april 2009

Le Labo - Patchouli 24

Valborg´s Mass Eve isn´t far away now. Valborg´s is celebrated all over Sweden and what we celebrate is the return of spring, and we celebrate it with large bonfires, firecrackers and school kids getting drunk (some adults to of course). I manage very well without the firecrackers and the drunk kids, but the bonfire flames reaching up against the darkening sky is really beautiful.
Le Labo´s Patchouli 24 gives me the bonfire, but without firecrackers and drunk kids. Patchouli 24 is a sodt, warm, woody and a little earthy smoke fragrance. This I like... at least for the first four-five hours. A lot of perfumes with notes of smoke are a bit harsch on me, I like them, but not fully. It is like they render the smell of smoke from damp logs burning, and you know it´s a bit scratchy compared to the smoke from perfectly dried logs. But in Patchouli 24 there´s no doubt about it´s being prime firewoods.
Patchouli 24 is a soft, sensual and alluring perfume. If you´re not going to a Valborg´s bonfire it may be a good replacement. While wearing it I feel slightly hedonic, mystic and still it manage to smell good, not only interesting.
But, there is a problem, because this is longlasting wich not all from Le Labo is, so after some hours it tend to be samey. The first hours are really cozy, there is more in it than smoke, but the base is nothing else then smoke, and some more smoke, and it last and last... Oh, if it was something else in there to, or maybe it´s my skinchemistry?
So after about four hours Patchouli 24 manage to ruin what it has accomplished. You end up sitting there with the feeling that you´ve been sitting in front of a bonfire for a whole evening. I promise that if I wear it 1:st of May, everyone will think that no one have celebrate Valborg´s more toroughly than me.
Patchouli 24 is cozy, longlasting (the smell of smoke stay with me the whole day!) and exciting the first hours. But then I get tired of it and start wondering about ease it up a little with some vanilla or fruity or maybe even floral perfume. Is there someone that have some nice layering tips for Patchouli 24?

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