torsdag 30 april 2009

Yohji Yamamoto - Yohji

Could you describe the picture above without knowing what it is? I find it hard to describe it even tough I know it´s a nebula. Some nebulas are the nursery of stars, it is in nebulas new stars are born or created.
Usually I prefer not to rate perfumes on my blog or when I review them, but I can rate them to my self from 1-5. Most of the perfumes I try will be between 2-4. Sometimes I come across a perfume messing with the rating, it´s impossible to rate it between 1-5, some are so repulsive they end up below zero. Like Etat Libre d'Orange Rien, and I´ve heard (not tried) that their Secretions Magnifique is even worse. But maybe it isn´t that hard to make something smell really, really bad?
And sometimes I try perfumes, that are so much better than 1-5. Perfumes that smells of unearthly goodness. Frederic Malle´s Dans Tes Bras is such a perfume. At least the top notes make me stunned. The rest of the perfume is like a good 4, but it´s the topnotes that lifts it to a strong 10!
Finally I´ve found another such perfume. Yohji Yamamoto´s Yohji must have been created in a nebula. The top notes in Yohji is so stunningly beautiful I having troubble describing them. It´s so amazing it make me think of stardust, angels, the rainbow, dew drops, diamonds, dancing elfs and song of sirens. In one way Yohji is totally unique but still it reminds of many of my favourite perfumes as well. Some drops of Donna Karan´s Chaos, as well as Parfumerie Generales Cadjmere and Guerlains Insolence, swirl by and after only seconds they´re gone again. Other familiar notes passes quickly, without I being capable to grip them. I guess it´s quote chaotic in a nebula when a star is about to get born. On my skin the notes swirls in a constantly changing mood. It is sweet and acrid. Light and dark. Spicy and fresh. Varm and cold. Filled with contradictions and opposits. I am strongly fascinated by this kind of perfumes, others will only get frustrated with Yohji´s constant changes.
The top notes in Yohji goes on for a long time, or are blenden seamlessly with the heartnotes in a dance going on for about one and a half hour. And what a one and a half hour that is. Enchanting, adorable and magic. And what comes next? Well, Yohji develops to a comfortable oriental dream with notes of berries, vanilla, sandalwood and musk. It is also here Yohji stops being a strong 10 to me, the basonotes don´t bare to carry the weight of the magical opening. Even tough it´s still a very, very nice perfume.
Unfortunatly Yohji isn´t possible to find cheap, it´s hard to find at all. You might find it at ebay for a really high price, since it´s not in production any more. Ooooh, why? Didn´t they understand what a magic perfume they´ve got? Maybe because of bad marketing? I wouldn´t have heard of Yohji if it wasn´t for a dear perfume friend in Lithuania.
This perfume must be experienced, my words can´t possible make it justice. This is for me the best perfume experience this year so far.

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