måndag 13 april 2009

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

Another article of mine published at Fragrantica: http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Be-Never-Too-Busy-To-Be-Beautiful-774.html

It has been so much fun to test the perfumes from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Several of them are really, really good and they´ve got some out of the ordinary qualities. Luca Turin isn´t the only one impressed I have to admit... If you haven´t yet tried any of their perfumes, I think it´s about time you do. And what is it to expect? Well, they are bright, kind of high tuned perfumes, but many of them also have musky, smoky and a little dirty notes as well. Oh la la! Only to think about them, make me smile.

Otherwise I have tested trough my Le Labo samples during easter. And that was a pleasure too. Of course I´ve got me some favourites and also some that only make med yawn. Wich one´s are the favourites? Well I will sonn write some reviews here, maybe I start tomorrow.

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