söndag 12 april 2009

And how does a goth smell?

I was talking to my youngest daughter and asked her what the opposit to a pinup-girl could be. After a while my daughter suggested that it should be a goth-girl. And yes, I have to agree with her about that. Whan I say goth I think about the classic goth-style with long, straight and black hair, long skirts and shirts with long sleaves and of course the white make-up with almost no colours except from black. From the classic goth-style there has evolved a lot of other goth-inspired styles, gothic and gothic lolitas, styles with japanese origin. Gothic-and lolita styles has shorter shirts, more ruffles, laces and definitly more colours than black. A little happier, easier and sexier.
But, this is about the classic goth-style, buttoned up, hard to get and kind of stiff. Well, as far away from the pinup-girls sunny smiles as it is possible to get. And as you might guess, my heart beats for the goth-style as well and all the pretty lolitas make me smile and think about my middle daughter. The lolitas may borrow the perfume from the pinups, as long as it is some pink kind of perfume. But, the goths need something totally different.
Dark, elusive and with some mystic around them.
First of all I think of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/welcome.html a goldmine fpr everyone with some alternative style, not only goths. Winter of our Discontent and Schwarzer Mond would fit perfectly for a goth and I am sure there is hundred of oils that would match the goth style perfect.
Another worth trying I think could be Nasomatto´s China White, I know I can´t stand it, but with the right chemistry I think it could be quite cool. What goth wouldn´t go around smelling like poisonous flowers?
Some patchouli´s would work fine, Le Labo´s Patchouli 24, Memoire Liquide´s Terre Noir Patchouli (it´s so dark it smell like something thick) and do try Histoire de parfums Noir Patchouli.
Serge Luten´s is also a goldmine, for goths with money; Serge Noire, Borneo 1834, Musc Koublai Khan, Ambre Sultan and even Iris Silver Mist would do it.
Comme des Garcons has several that would work, the whole incense-line especially Avignon and Zagorsk I think, but also Tar from the synthetic-serie, it´s is hard to wear for sure.
Check out Tauer´s interesting Lonestar Memories as well.

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