tisdag 21 april 2009

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful - Superworldunknown

When I tried Superworldunknown for the first time I get a little disapointed, after the first notes of citrus I discovered a similarity to Aqualina´s Pink Sugar and that is a perfume that doesn´t match me at all!
Well, Superworldunknown smelled a little like that, but lighter and not as sweet, so I didn´t washed it off. Ten minutes past and I didn´t care much about it... but then, the magic happened!
A hint of Pink Sugar still remaining, but now it was also bursting with other scents. Smoth vanilla fudge, warm cotton candy and fizzy lemonade, but easy and light, like the most gorgeus smell of candies but from a distant. And as a undercurrent the smell of fresh seabreze, forrest and best of all... a scent of warm, oily metal. Fantastic! Like arriving to one´s favourite beach at the sea and discover that someone set up a amusement park with a little circus next to it. And of course, free entrence...
Without the notes of sea breze (and a very fine, but discrete juniper berry note) and the oily metal note (how is it possible?) Superworldunknown could be a perfume for teens that usually spray on huge amounts of Pink Sugar or the sweetest Britney Spears perfumes (is there any one sweeter than Midnight Fantasy?), but that make a big different, easing it up and also deepening it. And the different heart notes are enchanting, once again I´ve come across a perfume that changes on my skin from one time to the next. I used the caleidoscope to describe Guerlain´s Insolence, but I can use it all over again for Superworldunknown.
I do like sweet perfumes and Superworldunknown is a sweet perfume, but considering the notes and the theme (running away with the circus) it still isn´t that sweet (besides of the first chocking minutes). If you want to know what you got, maybe you wouldn´t care for Superworldunknown, because this is constant changing, sweet gourmand and then a short while later a fresh, breezy and serious. I know a lot of perfume lovers don´t like a perfume that cant decide in what direction to go, but I love it. Perfume that play a little hide and seek with my olfactory sense is so much fun. I can sniff my wrist for hours (well, half an hour maybe) just to catch a note I think I once smelled. Superworldunknown plays hide and seek all the time, test it and try to discover the old lady´s rose garden close to the sea. It is there, I have found it occationaly and it is really nice to sit down on a bench surrounded with roses close to the sea after being at an amusement park for hours.
Superworldunknown is youthful, without being childish. It is a complex, adventorous and mystic. But it is also sweet, moodlifting and sunny. If you´re 14 you will love Superworldunknown and think of it as Pink Sugar running away with the circus leaving the most heavy sweetness behind and if you´re older (no matter if you´re 67 or 45) you will apriciate it for it´s complexity and smile a little when Pink Sugar enter the manege for a very short act in the start of the show...
I do recommend Superworldunknown to everybody that likes sweet, funny and unpredicteble perfumes. Karin Park (apparently a swedish singer I never heard of) is the inspiration for this perfume, and I think she can be really proud.

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