söndag 31 maj 2009

Post with delay.

Sometimes I have wait up to two months on letters from across the Atlantic, but they´ve all arrived eventually. This far only one tiny letter have been lost somewhere on it´s way to me, and the letters I´ve posted haave all reached there directions.

Since I get about 2-3 letters/week from abroad I think it´s kind of nice statistics.

Last wednesday I´ve got a advise of delivery, my letter could be collected at the local grocery store aka post office the same day after 4 pm. Half past 4 I was there, curious as usual, since I wasn´t sure wich letter it was, waiting for 3 different one´s from foreign senders (the sender was Post Import!?). My letter wasn´t there, something was wrong.

I return the day after, now it must surely be on the right place, but no. Started to feel a little irritated, but it wasn´t the staff at the store, it was the postal system that has sorted my letter wrong. It was at a grocery store in the other end of town.

Back again on friday, looking for my letter, but no! It had been send back to the sorting terminal in Örebro (a city 150 km from here), and then it will be send from there to the wrong store again, everything is automatised nowadays and when the parcel reach the wrong store again someone there must change the wrong zip code to the correct one (I sure hope they manage to do that!).

So, you think I can get my letter today. No, today it´s arrive to the wrong store, and they send it to the right one so at best I can get it tomorrow!

Imagine that sometimes letters has reach me in just two days from US or Canada, but a letter sorted wrong within the country just goes back and forth between the wrong directions for days! It´s hard to belive that a letter within the same town can´t just be handed to the right direction at once!

I am still not sure wich letter it is that has goes back and forth for almost a week now, but I am sure curious. Do you have any postal failures to tell about?

My mother belive that the post man and the post workers at the store belive that I am in to some kind of international drug buisness ( I think I´ve got my vivid imagination from my mum!). Do you think your post worker made stories up about all the letters you recive (I belive that many readers of the blog get´s a lot of strange letters) from all over the world? Maybe, thanks to us, they don´t have such a boring work...

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