torsdag 28 maj 2009

My Parfuem - Design Your Perfume

I don´t drink much alcohol, but of course I think it´s good with a glass of wine or a coupple of cool beer a hot summer night, but most of all I like cocktails. I love to mix cocktails, and that´s my only party trick. Usually it´s appriciated, and I´ve got the honour to be "bartender" when some good friends get married last summer. And well, my effort as a bartender was a succes. ;)

I think a lot of perfumistas dream about there very own, personal perfume. In our dreams it might be Olivia Giacobetti, Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel or Jean-Claude Ellena that guide us in the hunt for our perfect personal perfume. Most of us can only dream about it, to get a bespoken perfume is pricier than we can afford.

Therefor I think it´s so much fun that the german site offers a cheaper option.

I first read about them at and immediatly become curoius. The site is easy to understand and you can chose between a female or male perfume, what base you prefer and then it´s just to start put in notes. For ladies there is four bases to chose among, floral, fresh, fruity floral and oriental. You can chose among a lot fo different notes, flowers, fruits, fresh notes, spices, woods and animalic notes. At most 3 parts of each note can be used and every perfume can contain maximum 30 notes.

Before ordering my own perfume, I had created a lot of perfumes in my imagination. Before you start, there is preferable to know what notes you usually like in perfume and what notes that are suitable together, When start blending your own perfume, there isn´t much guiding, you have creative freedom and have to feel, play and guess. Wich I like, but some others may not like.

The price is 29 euro, wich isn´t that much for 30 ml, most people can afford a bottle. There is a money back guarantee, but I don´t know how it works.

I decides to create a perfume with oriental base and few and liked notes. 1 X tangerine, 2 X bergamott, 3 X vanilla and 3 X musk. That can´t be that bad!? I named my perfume to Nude Skin Poetry (ok, I am a bit pretencious), and there was two, kind of ugly, bottles to chose from, I took the one with pink swirls on!

And then I just waited for my perfume to arrive. I´ve got it in juts a coupple of days. Oh, how much fun! I sprayed it on at once, my brotjer that was at our house then say that he think it´s smelled like mosquito reppelant at first. Well, he have no olfactory scense. I think of the first spray as bubbly citrus soda.

Well, Nude Skin Poetry, smells really nice. It´s an energic, sweet and warm vanilla-musk scent. It smells really good, but not that memorable or special, still it not remind me of any other perfume I´ve tried either. The sillage is good, but not disturbingly good, and the longvity is aslo good, at least about four hours on me. I can smell the citrus all way trough, and the vanilla is discrete and bring some sweetness but not that much vanilla character, the musk is comfy, warm and not the dirty kind, but not the cleanest either. My own perfumes is a nice, comfy and casual kind of perfume. That is of course the problem for me, I wish it would be a little more personal, but then again I would have chose a little more exciting notes.

Mu own perfume become so good, that I very well can create some more, after all it´s very funny, easy and affordable. In my imagination I´ve allready created perfumes for the whole family, to give them in birthdaypresents.

What isn´t so good about it? Well, I think one could have the possibility to chose more then 3 parts of each note, I could easily put in more than the doubble amount of both musc and vanilla without being to much. The oreintal base is kind of discrete, but I would have prefered it any more in the background.

There are allready lots of notes to chose from, but I miss some. Violets, lilacs, apple, some gourmand notes and maybe also, some smokey notes.

The bottles should be possible to get without pink swirls, green leaves or red hearts, they look kind of cheap to me.

But overall I am really satisfied with my experience. It is so much fun to create my own perfume and I really recommend every curoius person to give it a try!

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