måndag 18 maj 2009

Decants and decanting supplies within Europe.

Thanks to Facebook I found this site that sell perfume decants and decanting supplies such as sample vials and small bottles. I think the prices per decant is quite high compared to other sites that sell decants, but if you´re a European resident you might save a little on the shipping and be sure there wont be any custom fees.

And I think it´s good that there is finally a site within Europe that sell sample vials and other decanting supplies, since the shipping from US is quite high and also it takes quite a long time to get them.

So I advice you to check up: http://www.decant-me.com/

Otherwise my brother spend the weekend with us, and of course that have been fun.

Yesterday evening I can guarantee I had three of Swedens best smelling men in my kitchen, my husband had Le Labo Oud 27, my brother had Serge Lutens Serge Noir and my son had Odoris Zafferano. I kind of like that!

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