torsdag 28 maj 2009

A trip to Stockholm with my youngest daughter.

Me and my youngest daughter took a little trip to Stockholm yesterday. She´s about to be 12 years old, and she wished for a shopping spree in Stockholm in birthday present and I was eager to give her that.

The weather was really closed to rain when we entered the train. I had planned to go to Stockholm in pretty summer clothes, but have to count that out. Well, in Stockholm, there wasn´t hardly any rain after all.

My daughter had no troubble what so ever to shop up her money, and she seem to be very content. I hadn´t no real shopping plans, but still not get home empty handed.

Finally I manage to visit the perfume shop Cow, and it was a special feeling to see all the bottles and hold them in my hand, and even test some of them on paper. I didn´t plan to buy any perfume, as every perfumista know, most perfumes are to be found for much better prices on the net, than in a shop on "high street"... on the other hand, if the sales person have been a little more helpful, maybe just asked if we needed some help, I could as well have leave the shop with a bottle of perfume for about 100 euro (hey! I am a perfume nerd after all!), rather than a bottle of massage oil for 25, wich I buy only because I feel a bit guilty, just to have entered the store.

After that I bought some bath bombs on Lush and a coupple of t-shirts to my husband and then we took the train back home again.

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