fredag 8 maj 2009

Florascent - Umami

Do you like sushi? Or maybe parmesan? I like both sushi and parmesan, but not together. Sushi and parmesan has umami in common. Umami is the fifth taste, and more familiar in Asia than in the western world. Even tough it´s reputation is spreading, much thanks to sushi. Umami is a complement to the four tastes of sweet, salt, sour and acrid, and is a own unique kind of saltysweet taste. In japanese umami means fresh taste. Scientists has discover that umami actually is the taste of protein. A taste we recognize most in fish, cheese and beans. Most obvious is umami in food that have been fermented or layered. Like in soy and parmesan. I do like the taste of umami and I´ve got sushi cravings just by writing this and look at the pic above.
Now I have, thanks to Florascent, realised I also like the smell of umami. Florascent is a perfume house producing natural perfumes according to old european traditions and only using natural ingredients from plants and flowers. Florascent offers no less than 23 different scents. Some traditional soliflors, and some for men, some orientals and also some a little more modern scents. Umami is to be found in the latest category together with Pipapo, Monsieur Balode and Tango.
Among the one´s I´ve tried Umami become my big favourite. The name is really well tought of, since the smell is really hard to pinpoint and quite elusive. When it comes to strenght I would call Umami a light Eau de Toilette, it´s transparent and airy. But still it´s quite longlasting at my skin, at least 4-5 hours and warming up in a very beautiful way. Umami is soft as a summer wind and do not disturbe a soul. It´s composed with notes of yuso (citrus fruit), vanilla, ginger, pepper, osmanthus and tonkabean. Non of the notes are dominating, they are nicely blended. Umami is a carefully humming kind of fragrance. Sometimes powdery, and then floral, after a while gourmand and delicious earthy notes also, even tough they are very shy I suspect there is some patchouli in it. Oh I forgot about the grassy notes! Umami is a softspoken, comforting and still different kind of scent.
It remind me a little to Angel! Umami could be Angels shy, reluctant and very beautiful cousin from the far away countryside. If Eau de Star is Angel dipped in the ocean, Umami is an angel that has rolled around in the grass and then being dipped in creamy milk.
Well, I just about start thinking about Umami reminding me of Angel when it stop reminding of Angel and stand by itself. Umami is a nice try to back of from perfumery´s ordinary olfactory families. And if Umami had been stronger, it could have end up very bad, but thanks to it´s softness it´s a really interesting effort.
Umami is an excellent choise for those who like elusive, light and caressing perfumes. You can wear Umami all year round, but it´s a perfectly well daytime scent.
You can read more about Florascent here:

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