tisdag 2 juni 2009

How should a man smell?

I think my husband always smells good, he don´t need any perfumes for it. I like how he smell in the morning, warm, cozy and soft after sleeping. When he comes home after the training, sweaty and hot, but still clean and fresh underneath. After a hot summerday at the beach or when he comes home with oily hands after fixing with the car.

I like to try perfumes supposedly for men once in a while and I do have some favourites among them, but honestly I prefer most men perfumes on a man, especially my man. Some unisex fragrances become wonderful on him, but just bland on me.

My all time favourite on my husband is Frederic Malle´s Musc Ravegeur. I know a lot of women using it and even having problems to imagine it on a man... but the they haven´t smelled it on my man. I really like my husband almost all the timne, but when he is wearing Musc Ravegeur he got an almost magnetic aura. And it works not only on me, female friends and relatives don´t want to leave his side and female shop assistants are never so helpful and friendly as when he wears Musc Ravegeur. His male skin chemistry make the most brutally animalic notes to show (Musc Ravegeur make our dog growl!) while they don´t on me! And my husband really loves Musc Ravegeur as well.

Andy Tauer´s Lonestar Memories isn´t at all bad either. Tary, smoky and even meaty. Somewhere in the distant a pine forrest. This is a perfume for a man with Clint Eastwood-eyes, and since only Clint Eastwood got them, it´s aperfume for everyone that wish for such eyes. On my husband Lonestar Memories turn out quite soft after a while, but on me only harsh and even monotone.

A'Men by Thierry Mugler is a perfume I cant resist, I really like to wear it now and then. This si strong, sweet, coffee, liqourice and a lot of other good stuff. Easy and youthful, still very manly. I am very curious about the new version, A*Men Pure Malt, is it someone that have tested it?

We have a small sample of Histoires de Parfums 1740 Marquis de Sade that is very popular. Clean, stiff and very black leather at it´s best. Work on women to that like strong leathery scents, I use to layer it with some soft vanilla. Sorry enough, it is only available in huge bottles and are quite pricey. But I guess we´ll have to get a decant of it when the sample is finished.

Geoffrey Beene´s Grey Flannel is also a favourite to me. It´s quite different from the rest. this i a perfume for an older guy, but with lot of confidence, style and elegance. A perfume to wear when dressed up in strict gentleman suit and sharp- sexy- gentleman shoes. This is for a genuine man, not for boys! Not for that straight forward hormon filled sexiness, but for the more laid back... it´s guaranteed to make a certain kind of women weak in the knees. One problem tough, my husband isn´t so found of it. He claims it is some note in it that remind him of some medicine he use to give to the patients. :(

To find Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir on this list is maybe a little unexpected? At least it was for me, we get a little sample in a swap and oh, it´s so charming! Fresh and kind of aquatic with a really nice tea-note, but underneath the fresh notes there are some really animalic basenotes, almost as magnetic as Musc Ravegeur. The sample went away quickly, and I feel an urge to get more of it as soon as possible! Don´t miss it!!!

J'Ose EdT av José Eisenberg is the male version and it is as sultry as the female version. This is a timeless sexy scent, works on a beautiful 25 year old as well as a handsome 60 years old. It has to be a man comfortable with himself and his sexyness tough. Really good, but forget about that I would wear J'Ose EdP at the same time, it would be as wearing the same clothes as my husband. Honestly I find coupples wearing the same outfit a little frightening!

Egoiste by Chanel isn´t in my collection but I have sprayed in my husband when stumbled upon it, and well, it´s great. Classic, warm and fierce at the same time. Mmmm.

Borneo 1834 works well on both me and my husband, but if we get more of it, I am sure to wear it more often since I like it so much.

Encre Noir, M7 and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin aren´t yet tried, but I´ve heard a lot of good stuff about them. Do you think we should by some samples of them? Do you have some male favourite perfumes you think deserve to being mentioned? Perfumes don´t have any age, but there are some that works better on a 2o years old than on a male about 50. Do you have any tips on good perfumes for a fit and beautiful hunk of 51? ;)

PS. It´s isn´t the husband on the pic above, it´s a classic photo "Man in polyester suit" by Robert Mapplethorpe... but it could as well be my husband... kind of!?

PPS. Someone know where I can get my hands on a sample of Amouage`s Reflection Women?

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  1. You should definitely try Encre Noire: it's gorgeous. I will most probably be buying a full bottle in the near future. If I do, you are welcome to a sample... M7 is very nice as well and worth sniffing but for most people it's a "love it or hate it" kind of scent.

    You might also enjoy trying Michael for Men by Michel Kors, Idole by Lubin and the beautiful N°88 by Czech & Speake.

  2. Oh, I would of course love to have a sample of Encre Noir, I saw a mini bottle of it for a great price, but then the shipping was over the top.

    I have also been curious about Idole, but not sampled it yet. I am waiting for a free sample from Czech & Speake, I chosed Cuba (mostly because the bottle)...