tisdag 19 maj 2009

Creativity and perfumes.

Most kids got a living creativity in many areas and it´s very fun to watch kids create free. All children can paint, dance, sing, sculpture, build and experiment. I´ve worked at pre-school and school earlier and while almost all kids are very creative during pre-school, they seem to lost it or it being diminished during the years in school. Why shouldn´t a fifthteen years old be as creative as a five year old? Of different reasons our creativity having trouble finding it´s way out when we´re getting older.
A lot of grown-ups state they can´t dance, paint, sing or sculpture. I do belive everybody can, we have just being influenced by the environment, and what is supposed to be beautiful, fine, serious, interesting and worth something to others. I´m sure you´re familiar with the expression "Dance like nobody´s watching" and I think that goes for all creative expressions. Maybe all of us would be very creative, if we´re paying less attention to what everybody else thinks.
And... what has this to do with perfumes? Much, I think. A lot of people that love perfumes, no matter if they are perfumistas, perfumers or producers are quite creative. Either as a creator or as a consumer, there´s a creative urge and joys of discovery among perfume lovers. Not seldom a perfume lover also appriciate good music, litterature, food, wine, travelling and other things that make life good and interesting.
When looking for perfumes and seraching information about different perfumes, perfume houses, indie perfumers, perfume oils or other things that are close to perfumes I can´t miss the fact that this is a area filled with creativity.
The big perfume houses with also big budgets shows classic taste, confidence and elegans. Their perfumes can take years to develop and all about them are high culture, money and the best of the best. The perfumes are beautiful, but a little held back and strict. The bottles as well. As a "poor" perfumista the closeste I´ve got to these perfumes are often a little sample vial, it´s like haute cotoure or expensive designer furniture, to be admired from a distant.
The top ten-perfumes are to be found in every perfume department in any small town, are all about the current trends and fashions. Scents that are easy to like, but not always that memorable, maybe not even last the whole summer. It´s like buying a cd with Summer Hits 2009, how will listen on that the summer of 2010? Well, it still was fun and good the summer before. The bottle design is often fun, easy and very trendy, maybe a little girly, but never odd in any strange way.
Well, the niche I admire almost most is the one with indie perfumers. Here you´re sure to find the creative urge and joy of discoveries. Perfume with billygoat extract? Of course there is. Perfume boxes that can be planted in the garden becuase they´re made of recyled plantmaterials with flowers seeds in? Yes that too! Perfumes inspired by fairy tales, travelling, adventures, magic, subcultures, vampires, pinups, nature or poetry? Yes, you might find that as well. A perfume made for your star sign? Yes, there is. You´ve got the possibility to chose the notes of your very own perfume without getting ruined? Yes, that´s possible. A lot of indie perfumers also offer their perfumes in smaller bottles. That´s smart. A perfumista that find the perfume really good and interesting, would easily by five or more bottles, if they´re available in 5-10 ml bottles. If they´re only available in 100 ml bottle, we might not by a single one, cause we cant afford it! Maybe it´s depend on that some indie perfumers started as perfumistas?
Do you have any creative interests other than perfume?

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