onsdag 13 maj 2009

Who likes a stranger?

I love perfumes, and that´s no secret. I love to use perfume, try new perfumes, look at perfume bottles and of course I love to both read and write about perfumes.

A well-written review on another perfume blog or perfume site can make me want to try that perfume at once. Some times when I then try it I don´t like it as much as I tought, but sometimes I found it as good as I hoped.

Most perfume bloggers aren´t only very interested in perfumes, they also are talented writers with a lot of knowledge, not only about perfumes. It´s so interesting and fun to follow other perfume blogs and there´s sure blogs for any taste, even if many blogs are in english, there the similarities ends. Perfume lovers that also are perfume bloggers seem to all have found their own niche. That make room for a lot of variety, the same perfume reviewed by two different bloggers can be described in two totally different ways.

But, what about the perfumes hardly mentioned? The perfumes that seem to be unknown even for many perfumistas? No matter how good the perfume bloggers are, there is a lot of reviews of the same perfumes. When Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Hermes and other big perfume producers release a new perfume, you can be sure to read about on many blogs, wich of course isn´t so strange.

But there is a lot of others also making incredible perfumes, new ones or older ones being around for a while but not so noticed. Of course it can depend on the perfumes not being so particular good, but it can as well depend on that the perfume is not in the big stream of perfumes going from mouth to mouth among perfume lovers. Not so good marketing can also be a reason. Some perfume producers seem to have totally missed out on that perfumes has become a big and global interest, well even a passion, among quite a lot of people.

So now I have start roaming the net after new, unknown and hardly written about perfumes. And it´s so exciting! With my eyes and ears open I can hear of some little know of perfume that some other perfume lover really loves! There is a lot of -for me at least- unknown perfumes and brands out there. Today I´ve got a very interesting parcel with post, but have others to look forward to as well. It will be so much fun to write about!

Do you have some almost private perfume secrets? Some brand you think you´re alone to have discovered? As usual I am interested in everything from the most exclusive to lovely perfume oils some dedicated person stir up at home or some strange perfumes from far away countries. That is, of course, depending on that you wont keep your goodies all to yourself!

PS. Is there someone who knows why the swedish nichebrand Byredo don´t answer mails?

2 kommentarer:

  1. hi rebella. i think you and i are on the same path, finding things that no one seems to be paying any attention to.

    marketing has a lot to do with it obviously, as small outfits don't have the cash to splash out on advertising assaults. but then again with a brand such as my own, i've found that there is nothing wrong with positive word of mouth.

  2. Hi Moxie,

    Yes, I like to find things a little off the beaten tracks, it could be perfume, but also clothes, music or a lot of other stuff.

    Spreading by word is a good thing, I always become very curious when I read about some small perfume brand. :)