fredag 8 maj 2009

I found it!

What? Patchouli plants! On ebay of course, strangely enogh it was one of the first places that I looked without success, but then I searched with the latin name and there they where, a lot of patchouli plants. And they aren´t expensive either, a few dollars each.

That was the good news. The bad news are that they all are in US. And that the shipping will be ten times more expensice than the actual patchouli. And that the seller -of course- cant garante that the plant survive all the way to Sweden. And what if my little plant survive to Sweden, but get on hold by the custom that suspect it to be some strange narcotic herb. I guess the sniffer dogs definitly thinks that the patchouli smells very strange! I would if I was a sniffer dog. And then they tucked it away until finding out what it is and forget about giving it water and my little patchouli plant will die for sure...

But sometimes you have to go for it no matter what. And I guess now is quite a good time, it could be a little warmer, maybe in the end of the month would be a great time.

Just wait and see, soon I will be in the kitchen cooking together strange hippie oils that wont work as anything that mosquito repellant.

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