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Star Sign Perfumes - It´s Me!

Wich star sign are you born in? No matter if you´re uninterested or skeptic to astrology, most people (in west) know what star sign they belong to. It´s almost as certain as to know in wich month you´re born. Even tough we don´t belive in astrology we can discuss differences between different star signs during coffebreak at work. Astrology, but in different shapes, is common in a lot of cultures and have looked in different ways in different times.
In China it´s the year of birth that is the most important. In ancient cultures astrology was used, not only to predict the faith of persons, but for entire countries. For instant, the aztec astrological observations predict the arrival of the european conquistadors, but unfortuntaly they belived the new comers to be red haired gods.
When it comes to astrology, I am a skeptic, like I am with most things related to belive. But I am curious, not condemning. I even know in wich signs I´ve got the moon an the acsendant.
Of course I become curious when I found the homepage of CnR Create Star Sign Perfumes! Curious, but also a little skeptic, but as usual my curiousity wins and now I sit here and smell of It´s Me! Virgo. I have also some Gemini and Cancer on.
The first time I tried It´s Me! Virgo I was skeptic and critical. Why should this perfume suit me? Or thousands of other women around the world that happened to be born in late august and within september? Well, I dabbed on some Virgo and it smelled nice, fine, a little flowery and a little spicy. Comfortable, but maybe not that unique. Decent sillage and good longvity tough. The topnotes wasn´t that prominent and I wasn´t convinced about Virgos exellence. But without thinking of it I start sniffing my wrist over and over again as the basenotes starts to develop. Well, now it´s become really, really pleasant! Not something I would chose for myself maybe, but without doubt approved. The base on Virgo is creamy, lush, with hints of spices and at the same time with some minty freshness. And I like it! The skeptic within keep protesting. Of course I will like Cancer and Gemini as well. All the perfumes will prove to be comfortable, nice and approved.
The next day I try Gemini. The top notes are more floralfruity than in Virgo, and soon there is a soapy note I don´t really like. Honestly I realise after a coupple of hours I don´t like Gemini at all! It´s absolutly not a scrubber, but it´s not interesting at all. The I try Cancer. No, no and no! Maybe slightly better than Gemini? No. Kind of boring, but still smells good. Manage to forget about both Cancer and gemini before they stop smelling on my skin.
My daughter that is born in Gemini, of course like the Gemini perfume best! She is eleven years old and don´t care much about perfume or star signs. Strange placebo-effekt the skeptic in me yells. Well, I hope you all know that Virgo is a very critical star sign, and I dont fell easily for anything!
Well, no matter what it depends on, Virgo is my big favourite among the Star Sign-perfumes. Not really in the top, among my most loved perfumes, but still good enough to be remembered and cared for. Virgo is really comfy, moodlofting and still calming, and while writing this I sniff my wrist a lot of times. Gemini and Cancer on my other arm are totally forgotten.
Virgo would be a perfect perfume for casual wear, but also one of the first I would think of I was going on a job interview. How strange it may sound, it makes me feel balanced.
CnR Create´s perfumes are made in Grasse, but the company is situated in Wienna and of course they´ve got a homepage:
The notes in Virgo is clove, nutmeg, pear and citron. I do think the base is creamy woody, maybe with notes of sandal wood or rose wood, two notes I usually like in perfume. The notes in Gemini is jasmin, mimosa, orchid and tangerine, Gemini is fast dissapearing on me, after half an hour I can only smell a weak perfume scent. In Cancer there is notes of iris, palmarosa, acacia and green apple. Cancer has better longvity than Gemini on me, but after a while all I can smell is green apple.
No matter what you think of astrology I think that CnR Create offers a really fun alternative within perfumery, a bottle of It´s Me! would be a really great gift for someone that like perfumes and also are interested in astrology. The company also guarantee that the bottles are filled during full moon, probably it makes the perfumes more powerfull. Even tough I like Virgo, it isn´t the most complex perfume I´ve run in to, but it smells so good and comfy that it manage to make it to my list of favourite comfort-perfumes. The quality of the notes in it seem to be high. There isn´t anything bland or lack of longvity in Virgo.
I do recommend you to check this perfume up, maybe you know of someone wich birthday is coming up soon? Unfortunatly they don´t offer perfumes for men, but maybe they will later?
PS. I come to think of that the creamy notes in Virgo can have hints of coconut, but it´s the creamy kind not the suntan-lotion kind. But I think it´s also consistis of sandel-or rosewood. Well, it smells good anyway. :)
PPS. If you just know how much fun I have to look forward to when it come to perfumes and other good smelling things. There can be no better "profession" than to be a perfume writer!

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