onsdag 13 maj 2009

José Eisenberg - J'ose EdP

What I´ve got in the post yesterday was 5 little samples of José Eisenbergs entire perfume line. J'ose EdP, Back To Paris, I Am and Rouge & Noir for women and also J'ose EdT for men.

Before writing about J'ose EdP I must tell you a little about Vilnius. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, with 550.000 recidenses and this year Vilnius is celebrating both that it´s 1000 year since the city was founded and also that Vilnius is the european cultural capital this year. The reciedences of Vilnius is known as the italians of the north, and thanks to on of my favourite swapping friends in Vilnius I have begin to understand why.

Vilnius isn´t a really big city, a city suffering Soviet-occupation trough several years, a city in a country few people even heard of. But the lithuanians sure has alot to be proud of, most certainly when it comes to perfume. Juozas Statkevicius are lithuaninan and Vilnius seem to have more to offer when it comes to perfumes than Stockholm, that is twice it´s size. And they also seem to know a lot about perfume. If it wasn´t for my lithuanian swapping friend I would never had heard of José Eisenberg! And that would be a shame.

When looking for information about José Eisenberg perfumes I found a company most known for their exclusive skincare products, but also with some perfumes. I don´t find any revews about these fragrances tough, and that is strange since J'ose EdP is really good, utterly refined and sensual in a naughty way.

I am having troubble picking out single notes in J'ose EdP, it´s well blended. It give me a feeling of a foggy, smoky darkness that is pierced with rays of warm light now and then. It´s definitly cool and doesn´t remind me of anything else. If you wish to find a unique, personal and exciting signature scent, look carefully (or sniff rather) at J'ose EdP. This is not at all one in the crowd. And it is unique in a very comfortable way.

As said before, it´s smoky, but it´s a light, sweet and soft kind of smoke, just the kind of smoke I like in perfumes. Somewhere in the smoke a light medical note is hiding, every time I try J'ose I am about to recognize it, but fails every time. Don´t get off put by the medical note, cause it´s as easy and tender as the rest of the perfume. In the smoke there is also notes of coffee, patchouli and hay. Amber and musk rounds it off at the base with a golden, dark roundness. It is really beautiful. Lavender and some citrus are the bright notes in it, and they hang in there for a long time, responsible for the ray of light piercing trough the smoky darkness. Lavender and coffee is a quite common combination (or common, but appearantly these two notes complete eachother in a good way in perfumes) but in J'ose they are made in a quite unique way. Coffee and lavender are subdued, but the main part is about ambery smoky sweetness. A must for all amber-lovers!

There isn´t, of course, anything girly with J'ose. This is sensual, warm and distinctive perfume for a woman at it´s best. Really daring, without being slutty or cheap. J'ose is the opposite, and that is quite uncommon for such a smoky, sensual perfume.

You really gotta try it!!!

I know I don´t write that much about mens perfumes here, but J'ose is available in a version for men also, J'ose EdT. It has everything in common with the female version, but with an unmistakeable masculine base. All the note are shared between the two version, but still they differ. And my husband tried J'ose EdT yesterday, and he really liked it. So if a more masculin touched is wished for, try J'ose EdT.

You can find José Eisenbergs perfumes here: http://www.eisenberg.mc/navigation/cms,id,1,nodeid,1,_country,com,_language,en.html

I´ve tried J'ose EdP before, but the other one´s in the collection is new to me. Yesterday evening I again made the mistake to put on a perfume that I tought of as soft, quiet and comfy, another from José Eisenberg. It was indeed comfy, but so good smelling I again had troubble gettin to sleep. Wich one of them? Well, you´re soon to find out.

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  1. Dear Ms. Hogild, We've tried to contact you via Email on 13th May and via telephone, but to no avail.
    Please do contact us at: mail@eisenberg.com. Thank you very much!
    Looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you,
    Kind regards,
    P Eastwood