torsdag 7 maj 2009

Frapin - Esprit de Fleurs

I have tested all the perfumes from Frapin (from the beginning a cognac-producer) without being impressed. They have "only" five perfumes; 1270, Caravelle Epicee, Passion Boisee, Terre de Sarment and Esprit de Fleurs.
I started with 1270, appearantly one of their most popular perfumes, but it failed making any impression on me. Nice and fine, but nothing more. Caravelle Epicee and Passion Boisee was also nice and find. Terre de Sarment was interesting tough, a light and very green scent, but my skinchemistry didn´t really make it. Finally only Esprit de Fleurs was left, and I didn´t have any expectations at all, since florals often are on the bottom of my test list. Don´t get me wrong, there is of course florals that I love, but there is a bigger chanse that I really love an oriental.
Well, at least Esprit de Fleurs deserved to be tested. I tought it might be suitable as a bedtime fragrance so I put on a tiny little drop on each arm. And wow, what a blast! Supposedly bedtime, but it was impossible to sleep, because on my arm one of the brightest, moodlifting and joyful perfumes where playing. Like clean, happy and pure energy made to perfume. I was lying with my nose atached to my arm, very uncomfortable, for at least two hours, and I think I finally fell asleep with a content smile on my lips.
Esprit de Fleurs might be this summer No 1 summer perfume for me! Do you like L'Artisans La Chasse Aux Papillons? Well, then you really would enjoy Esprit de Fleurs. They have something in common, but in my opinion Esprit de Fleurs is the better perfume. It´s more of anything, and most important maybe, much more longlasting than almost anything from L'Artisan, especially La Chasse Aux Papillon, that are as long as a northern swedish summer, no much shorter of course, but you get it...
Esprit de Fleurs knocked me with it´s almost bouncing top notes. This is really citrus with bounce in it. After the first burst of enrgy, the perfume calms down a little and beautiful, white florals are subdued, jasmine, and a tender rose, but the uniqueness of the middlenotes comes from basil and red currant. Add a dash of vetiver and the tiniest amount of vanilla to the drydown and you´ve got something with some resamblence to lemon liquer, very creamy and sothing. Very appropriate for something from Frapin I think. All of their perfumes have some kind of liquer-note, and thats really nice, if that is something for you, I suggest you try everything from Frapin, maybe some of the others will make magic with your skinchemistry?
Well, on me Esprit de Fleurs make magic. And that makes me so very happy, since it was such a surprise. It´s so fun to love a perfume that I was expecting to merely like a little. Esprit de Fleurs is citrus floral at it´s best! When I write this, I can´t think of many perfumes better than this for summer. A must!
Wich perfumes have surprised you the most? Do you have any dissapointed surprises as well?

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