tisdag 12 maj 2009

Who loves the second best?

I think Sweden as a nation lack a bit of winner instinct. We tell our kids to join different competitions, activities and games and that they shall participate for the fun of it, not to win. In other countries the parents and other grown ups are more straight forward and tell the kids that all that matters is to win. An honestly, swedish double moral standars are quite amusing if having it on some distance, because of course we also love when the kids are winning. And yes, the kids love it to!
Most people seem to agree about that it´s possible to compete in sports and athletics, but when it comes to music people become more hesitant. Soon it´s the final for the European Melody Contest in Moscow, and even if it isn´t really ok to compete in music, there´s full coverage in the media, here in Sweden at least. Another thing hard to compete in is beauty, still a new Miss Universe is crowned every year. And in some countries (mostly US) they even held beauty pageants for babies, something quite unfamiliar for most swedish parents.
Well, even when it comes to perfume, there is contests. The perfume industry itself rewards succesfull fragrances, and perfume sites let their members vote for the most popular perfumes. There is perfume top ten, and if you want to be sure about being "right" and feel safe, you can easily chose the number one perfume on such a list, you are sure not to be noticed then.
I am sure most perfumista also have their own top ten list, I do, even tough it´s constantly changing. But at least I know wich perfumes I really love and want! Or...? Do I, really? The answer isn´t that obvious, the winner isn´t always the winner in the long run.
I have a way of becoming almost obsessed about a perfume at the first sniff. It goes like oooh, wooow, and marvellous, beautiful, amazing... This happen once in a while, but not more than about one perfume on ten. That makes, at least nine, not to winners. With ten perfumes I think about four-five-six are counted out almost directly, because I find them so boring that they not even are nice or cute. About two or three are good, fine, maybe a little different, nice but without making it to the top. At least, they are good enough to be tried again.
And again...
And again...
And wow, when did it become this good!? Strangely enogh there is less left in that little sample than in the sample with the superduperamazingpowerfullblast-perfume. Eh? Yes, I´ve noticed a tendecy. I do love serge Luten´s Borneo 1834, and when I´ve got that sample I also got some other SL samples; Datura Noir, Serge Noire and Ambre Sultan. Datura Noir didn´t really make it for me, and Serge Noire is very interesting but a bit difficult to wear and Ambre Sultan was... hmmm ok, good, nice, a little brisk, spicy and just good enough... while Borneo 1834 was incredible.
Yes, I still love Borneo 1834, but it´s heavy, strong, masculin and so concrete that I have to be in a certain mood to wear it. While Ambre Sultan just mingle up with my skin chemistry without making any noice and starts warming up and becoming warmer, sweeter, more golden, more intriguing and... more more so to speak. No it doesn´t really compete with Borneo 1834, but still it is as good, but in another way. I wouldn´t be surprised if I had a bottle of them both, that Ambre Sultan would be the one I reach for more often.
The sam goes for some perfumes from Parfumerie Generale, I love Aomassai, Felanilla and Cadjmere even tough my most obsessed feeling for Cadjmere have cooled down a little. Some of Parfumerie Generale´s perfumes doesn´t work at all for me, and some of them are nice, good, fine and really cute. Like Drama Nuui and Intrigant Patchouli. But, little by little they have won me over. Intrigant Patchouli is at the top among my patchouli favourites, together with Borneo 1834, but in another way. First time I tried Intrigant Patchouli was when I´ve also got Cadjmere, and I thought of it as almost a little boring. Well, I couldn´t be more wrong! When it starts to warm up on the skin it´s transforming to something lush, sensual and the animalic notes in Intrigant Patchuli is among the most erotic I can think of! Just wow, but it took a while to realise that.
And what else? Well, Chinatown from Bond No 9 didn´t get much attention from me. Because in the same shipment was Andy Warhol´s Silver Factory. Really strange, citrus fresh, metallic and with a dirty musky note as well. Cool. But then I started to notice the not so good about it, it hasn´t any staying power (something it have in common with some other Bond No 9 frags I´ve tried) and the fresh citrus fades away and leave some kind of blury musk with no direction. But there was Chinatown, what about it? Doesn´t it smell like something you bake? Something good, a little fruity, little sweet, a little different and a little adorable? Yes, in the long run it is actually Chinatown I like the most from Bond No 9, this far.
Since mentioned Ava Luxe´s Kama in the review about Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan I´ve tried a little more. Oh ni, it still isn´t as good as MKK, but I realised it deserve better tough. It´s totallt perfect for layering, you can layer it with almost everything. Kama manage to deepen and strengthen anything. The perfume you blend it with changes, but is still possible to recognise.
Soft, sweet, floral and vanilly perfumes goes from giggly girly to sofisticated warm blooded women in just a moment. I´ve realise I will need a bigger bottle of Kama, real soon...
And Vivienne Westwood´s Anglomania, yes I love it, but there isn´t that much left in my bottle and Libertine is also about to get finnished, and can you guess wich of them I would most likely buy a new bottle of? Hint, the perfume doesn´t start with A...
There are many more seconds best that deserve attention, do you have any? Some perfume you didn´t think to much about from the beginning but the discovered it has somehow sneaking it´s way up...

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