tisdag 26 maj 2009

Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan

I have never seen bellydancing live, only on tv, but I hope I will have the opportunity to see a real bellydance show sometime. I am usually a big admirer of people that have talents that I don´t have. And aren´t dancers worth to admire, there is something almost more than human to have such control over one´s body, a feeling for the rhytm and motions. But also, a lot of dancers start traing at the ages of 3-4 years!

Some dances I like more then others, tango is brutaly sensual, flamenco is intense, people that are good in jitterbugg take my breath away when they swing each other around, a prima ballerina looks like she´s made of glass, but is actually very strong, street dance is cool and moodlifting, swedish polska is suggestiv and belly dancing is beautiful, magnetic and utterly feminin.

Ambre Sultan by Serge Luten´s could very well been created with a beautiful belly dancer in mind. As readers of the blog know, I wasn´t that immediatly drawn to Ambre Sultan. We where closing in to each other with some slowlyness. When writing this, I can´t understand how I could miss Ambre Sultan´s glowing, sensual and spellbinding beauty at first.

As you might know, I use to like strong and powerful perfumes, and Ambre Sultan IS strong and powerfull, yet also discrete, soft and reluctant in a fascinating way. Now I find Ambre Sultan to be so good, that I think of it as a kind of golden essence of everything that is good within oriental perfumes. Different from a lot of my other oriental perfumes, Ambre Sultan is even suitable to wear during summer. It´s pretty warm now, and Ambre Sultan is really pleasant to wear. I can´t think of many more sensual perfume to wear a warm, comfortable summer evening. Wich of course doesn´t make Ambre Sultan to a less better winter perfume. It´s suitabel all year round in my opinion, but maybe not during the most crispy time of spring.

Ambre Sultans is filled with something bubbly and glowing. When wearing it, it feels like the perfume itself is lighted from inside. Filled of sweetness and body, but there are also something brisk in it, that makes it unique and personal. Ambre Sultan make me very comfortable, it´s like having an excellent dinner in a cozy restaurant in a far away exotic city. After the meal you feel really comfy and a little hot from the spices, you lay back and watch the belly dancer perform on stage. Candles, soft fabrics and scented oils create a special atmosphere. After a while you don´t know if it´s you, the belly dancer or the entire restaurant that smells so good.

The sillage in Ambre Sultan is great, but not to much, and it´s really longlasting and only gets better and better... It´s like a reaction with the skin chemistry that keep deepening it and make it glow.

Ambre Sultan is a perfume for beautiful belly dancers, a perfume that smells of oriental jewellry, saturated oils and aromatic, brisk and unknown herbs. Yet another masterpiece from serge Lutens, created by the very talented perfumer Christopher Sheldrake.

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  1. Ambre Sultan is really good brand for all of those belly dancers. I love perfume so much. This thing I can't live without. :)