lördag 11 juli 2009

Serge Lutens - Tubereuse Criminelle

Before I start writing about Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle I would like to tell you that the trips to Örebro was really pleasant, apart from the fact that it was heavy rain during most of our time there. Strangely enough it is always raining when we´re in Örebro!
When we got home again, I´ve got to nice little perfume parcels. One of them a "winning" from http://graindemusc.blogspot.com/ two nice sample-sets of Nara 1869 and Hollywood Stromboli 1950 from the new french perfume house Parfums 137. I will write about them later. There was also some samples from another new french niche line. More about them also later.
I am testing Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle and what a challenge it is. I like the top note, no I love the top note, as a matter of fact, the top notes is beyond words! But I like to babble so I will do an attempt.
Welding flame. Icicle in strong late winter sun. Flourescent giant, white flowers. Rocket fuel. Hoar-frost. Ray of lights in darkness. Angels. High tuned C. Bach. Speed of light.
Nah, I told you, it isn´t easy! The top note is anyway the highest, clearest, cleanest and most crosscut I´ve encountered in a perfume. Unfortunatly, or thankfully, it isn´t longlasting. At least on me, it is there, like a scream, but then it´s gone and all that remains is like whisper on my skin to remind me of the most beautiful... Like when you are so moved by music that you got goose bumps or your tears starts running over. Or a movie so emotionally close that you get all drawned in to it. Or a book that make you feel everyting the main character feels. It is true art to make something that remind of the feeling you´ve got when you have been separeted from somebody you love and then see that person again. Like your heart screaming silently with happiness inside your body.
Yes, some things are hard to describe. You have to experience it. Such a thing is the top note of Tubereuse Criminelle. I am dissapointed on my skinchemistry that make perfumes evolve so fast. For how long is the top note of Tubereuse Criminelle there on you?
When describing the top note, there isn´t really much more to say. To me, the top notes is the real deal with Tubereuse Criminelle. What comes after it is to sweet, to chewing gummy and even stale. I do envy the people that goes well with Tubereuse Criminelle the whole way, but I´m not one of them. I prefer Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flower, it mixes very well with my skin chemistry and also are much more longlasting than Tubereuse Criminelle.
Well, now I´m sitting here with the smell of Tubereuse Criminelle sticking to my skin, like a poor baked spounge cake.
But I´ve got another perfume with tuberose in main character coming up, a perfume that surprised me a little. Wich? Oh, you just have to wait and see...

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