onsdag 22 juli 2009

Calé Fragranze d'Autore - Tepidarium

I am not really an ice cream lover. But that is when I think about those cheap big packs of ice cream you can buy at the local grocery store, luxoury ice creme filled with goodies I love to eat. I rather have one cup of Ben & Jerry ice cream every other month than a big pack every week. Or one jummy ice cream made by the dutchman in the harbour of Nyköping each summer, than a cheap ice lolly some days a week. And of course, I wouldn´t say no if someone offer me some real italian ice cream, also knowned as gelato.
Italian ice cream may be the best ice cream in the world, I belive I think so at least. But italian ice cream tastes the best in Italy of course. One of my best ice cream expereinces was in Venice, I know I have written about Venice before, but I try tyo keep it short, ok? It was summer, it was really, really hot and St. Marcus square in venice is like made for sunstroke with all those giant light buildings, the stone covered square and all that water surrounding it. Well, the sun can really be cruel there. After sweating around there for some time together with thousands of japanese tourists and ten thousands of pidgeons an ice cream can be really good. More than good actually, amazingly good... italian ice cream is kind of sweetn´sour and almost chewy, filled with nuts, fruits and other goodies.
I don´t really remember wich flavours I chose, but probably some lemon sorbet and vanilla with something good in it and maybe a pineapple sorbet as well. Anyway, the ice cream tasted almost precisly as the Calé Fragranze d'Autore´s perfume Tepidarium smells!
This is such a gorgeus summer perfume! When I test it, it take me to a small alley close to the St, Markus square where I have my first taste of an wonderful italian ice cream. If we haven´t lost our camera in Munich, I could have paste a photo of the event above, but at least I think the gelato looks really, really good.
Calé used to be a distributor of naiche-perfumes, before having it´s own line of perfumes. The president of the company, Silvio Levi dreamed about having his own line of fragrances. Out of that came Calé Fragranze d'Autore a line of perfume with a narrative theme. Silvio have told the stories and expereinced perfumers have translated them into perfume. I think it sounds like an interesting co-operation and the result is really good. With, this far 8 perfumes, of course I don´t like all of them as much, but some of them are really good, one of them is Tepidarium.
Over all, Calé fragrances feels quite modern and different from traditional italian perfumery. They aren´t heavy or very sweet. On the other hand, ther aren´t as post-modern or even hard to carry off as some from the Nasomatto line. No, Calé seem to have found a comfortable in the middle of the road path in between traditional italian perfumery and advanced hard to pull off-perfumery.
Tepidarium isn´t that complex, but it isn´t either linear and simple. After the starting ice cream note, there is notes of delicious flowers floating around, but still I can sense the feeling of ice cream. And it is not att all to sweet, it is just enogh sweet n´sour as italain ice cream should be. And to be an EdT with quite light notes, it´s also sursprisingly longlasting, on me about 4-5 hours, and concidering it´s quite hot now...
The basenotes are really nice, you can imagine when I tell you they consists of vetiver, white musk and green tea. I suspect the vetiver to make this nice ice creamy perfume so nice and interesting as it is, without the vetiver it could have been plain old boring floralfruity. But no, Tepidarium is a nice summery floralfruity, but with an interesting edge, and oooh I like it!
More about Calé you can find here: http://www.cale.it/negozio.asp
And no, I don´t understand italian either!
More about some other perfume from Calé shortly, if I don´t chose some other interesting italian perfume, I have two of them in the line wanting to be reviewed. -Chose me!, -No, take me! they shout, and jumping up and down to get noticed, -Well, if you don´t behave well, I might chose a french or even an american perfume to review before you, I say and look harsh on them. And see, so nice and quiet they become, perfumes are so sensitive.
pic: gelato by archangeli, flickr

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