fredag 24 juli 2009

Calé Fragranze d'Autore - Brezza di Seta

I can´t belive that I claim that the perfume I will write about today was loud and noisy yesterday, it must have been some other trying to work their way to the front. Calé Fragranze d'Autore is the only in the line marketed towards women, six of the others are unisex and one, Mistero is aimed at men.

Brezza di Seta is an all together whispering, caressing and calming perfume. The top notes are green, but not a loud chypre kind of green, no more of an easy, light almost pastel coloured way. Heavy green scents I am having trouble to appreciate, but Brezza di Seta catch me at once, not at all like CdG 3, but still with the light, subdued kind of greenery in common, tough two totally different subdued green colours.

In the soft greenery little by litte there shine trough some light violet notes, a discrete powdery note and a very understated nuance of flowers slowly lighting up the scent from within. Having in mind that rose is among the notes, I must say that it has been threaten the most delicate way, making me think rather of little pink rosebuds than fully blooming roses.

As readers of the blog already know, I have a weakspot for powdery perfumes, and Brezza dfi Seta isn´t an exception, but it´s manage to be idfferent from most powdery perfumes I´ve tried.
Why is that? Well, I have this way of thinking of notes in perfume in certain colours and usually I think of powdery notes as being light salmon pink or creme coloured or maybe some very light shade of lavender, you know what kind of colours I mean... but in Brezza di Seta I rather discover the most soft and light nuances of green, up close maybe with some light violet nuances, but the overall impression is the most caressing nuance of light green one can imagine.

It is like the smell of violet leafs just before the violets starts to bloom, or the memory of how my mothers powder smelled when I was a kid, mostly the scent of Brezza di Seta is transparent and light as a weil but yet also caressing and comforting. It make me think in terms as drems, memories and embraces.

Brezza di Seta is a delicious, adorable and truly comforting. But as the base notes enters, there comes a certain papery like note, wich I guess is from the vetiver. Yes, there is very clever to use vetiver in this! I am being more and more drawned to the note of vetiver, knowing that just about half a year ago I was alittle skeptic to it. Just wait and see, in about half a year I will even appreciate heavy chypres.

Well, anyway the basenote in Brezza di Seta is really sooo utterly gorgeus, reminding me a little about L'Artisan´s Timbuktu. Do you like Tombuktu, but wished that it would be alittle more feminin? Oh, then you would love Brezza di Seta, even tough I think of it as a scent standing very well on it´s own two feets. It doesn´t resemble Timbuktu at all in the beginning, just some small similarities in the basenote.

I haven´t yet tested trough all the perfumes from Calé Fragranze d'Autore, mostly because I like the three I tested first so much. I think of them Brezza di seta is my favourite, even tough Tepidarium is also very good, it is more of a summer scent to me, while I think of Brezza di Seta as a scent I could wear all year round. And the one I am thinking about to write about here after, well maybe I just think I love Brezza di Seta the most because it´s the one I wear right now?

Yesterday I wrote that Calé Fragranze d'Autore has found a middleway between traditional italian perfumery and the more post-modern varieties, but today I think that they are also building abridge between more concrete italian perfumery and the more transparente french perfume making.

I know there is a lot of perfumistas wondering if there´s really room for more niche-lines? In my nose, Calé Fragranze d'Autore definitly manage to find it´s own spot. I really recommend you to try their perfumes if you have an opportunity.

Calé Fragranze d'Autore´s perfumes are comfy, nice and just when you feeling safe and there is something unexpected showing up. That is so interesting and funny I think.

Well I am off to the archipelago of Stockholm this weekend, so I won´t write here until monday.

Wish you all a nice weekend!

PS. The pic is of decoration cabbage, isn´t it beautiful?

Pic:, botaniska bloggen

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