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Calé Fragranze d'Autore - Dolce Riso

The picture above is of italian actresse Anna Magnani, from the film Riso Amaro (Bitter Rice). I saw that film when I was quite small and Anna Magnani make some impression on me. And now when I´ve got the opportunity to try Dolce Riso from Calé Fragranze d'Autore I come to think about that film and wish that I could watch it again.

Well, Dolce Riso isn´t a bitter perfume, but it´s so much more than just sweet and nice. I find it hard to place, it´s really comfy and sothing, but in what group of perfumes does it belong?

Gourmand? Yes, you might think so considering some of the notes being apple, rice, cereals and vanilla. But it´s also much to fresh, light and summery to be just a gourmand.

Is it oriental? Kind of, it´s without doubt warm, soft and sensual but also much to cooling and light to be an oriental.

Calé Fragranze d'Autore call it a soft amber, and well I guess it is.

Dolce Riso is a caressing, pleasant and sheer kind of perfume. There isn´t any sharp, edgy or exciting hiding in it, like there is in many of the other perfumes from Calé. Dolce Riso is calming and friendly. It might go as well on man and women, and I like it most because the tranquile serenity I find in it. Dolce Riso is the smell of something you can trust and feel totally relaxed with. Like an old, reliable friend, your loved grannie or maybe that worn-out, but really comfy favourite sweater.

I doubt tough that Dolce Riso would attract youngsters filled with energy, the kind of youths that likes to follow trends, being in and feel young, sexy and hot. But there is already so many perfumes marketed toward that group.

Dolce Riso is a mature, full-bodied perfume. But not a ladyscent, no it´s much to modern and different to be classic or traditional. Notes of rice, cereals, white pepper and artemisia gives it a soft, but also bubbly freshness that smell very new. Dolce Riso has it´s very own style and personality. Strangely enough I don´t consider it to be powdery, wich is easy to belive when you read the notes.

The basenote is incredibly soft and warm, and also quite longlasting for an EdT. A little warning, be aware that you want to be really taking cared off by a man wearing Dolce Riso, so make sure you got pleanty of time. The other way around would also be nice or if you have a small one at home with fever and bad throat. This is a perfume for massage, lighted candles, soft music and relaxation.

I still got others from Calé Fragranze d'Autore to write about, and several of them are really great and interesting. I will get back to them, but I think I will write about something totally different on the blog next.

Pic: Riso Amaro

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  1. Rebella,
    What a wonderful review! I got some Dolce Riso from The Perfumed Court and I love it, too. But I really can't describe it. You did a lovely job describing it. It's very calming & yet not sleep-inducing. I hope they market it more widely, because we certainly can't be the only people who like it.
    - pitbull friend

  2. Thank you. I think it´s a perfume most people could wear and like, and that´s not easy to achive without being boring wich Dolce Riso isn´t at all.

  3. non è anna magnani

  4. that´s true, it is silvana mangano:-) anyway, greta review:-)