söndag 19 juli 2009

Bvlgari - Petits et Mamans

I don´t really now where to start. At first I was thinking of writing that some perfumes are so complex, intriguing and multi layered that I can write myself blue without even being close to how they really smell.

Then I tought about writing about vanilla, and even tough I love vanilla in perfume, not everybody does. And if you still is on the search for something light and comfy to layer a more powerful scent with, what shall you use then?

Then I tought about writing that it´s very unusual to use perfumes on babies, or even older kids, in Sweden, But that that is pretty common in other parts of the world.

Then I tought about writing about those comfy, relaxing and soft perfumes that are wonderful to put on when it´s time to go to bed. Actually I have about 3-4 "go to bed favourite-perfumes" Lavendula by Penhaligon´s, Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana, Puppy Love by Moxie Beauty and last but not least or... Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari.

On me, Petits et Mamans smells like a tart and sticky lemon lipgloss. At least at start, after a while I can smell notes of chamomille and sunflwoer, appearantly there is notes of rose as well, even tough I can hardly detect them at my skin. The base notes is quite longlasting and it consists of some kind of baby powdery smell on me. Some vanilla is in there to, but not making much noise on me.

No, Petits et Mamans wouldn´t go to history as the worlds most complex perfume. It do smell good, but in way a little artificial. I also think you can make an odd impression if you as an adult, or even teenager, wears it in public for an ordinary day or night out. Some people worries about wearing their most dirty and animalic musks in public, I am more worried to wear Petits et Mamans in public!

As readers of the blog allready know, I am having some troubble with wearing the most heavy and deep leathery and chypre scents, like Lonestar Memories and Bandit. If you want to escape the Bvlgari (!) Black feeling you got when layering them with something light vanilly, you can try layering them with Petits et Mamans instead.

Petits et Mamans isn´t always easy available in Sweden, but you can find it really, really cheap on internet. Despite it´s simplicity I would like to always have me some Petits et Mamans in my collection. It isn´t always the most great perfume experiences that are the most frequent used one´s.

Do you have some simple, easy and even cheap perfume that is almost embarrising to like?

Pic: Mmmmm by Letheravensoar Flickr

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