onsdag 15 juli 2009

Parfums 137 - Hollywood Stromboli 1950

Around 1950, Ingrid Bergman wasn´t only one of Sweden´s most famous actresses, she was in fact world-famous. A Hollywood-star as big as todays Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. Ingrid Bergman manage to make scandal as well, 1950 she had the main role in italian director Roberto Rosselini´s movie Stromboli. During the work with the move, they fell in love with each other. Since they where both married, the scandal was a fact. After that Ingrid Bergman didn´t get any roles in movies for several years!
The new french perfume house Parfums 137 are inspired by different stories in their perfumes, or perfume-kits. This far they offer two different kits, Nara 1869, inspired from Japan and also Hollywood Stromboli 1950. Well, perfume-kits, each perfume consists of three different bottles owich you can wear one by one or blend. Since I´ve got a weak spot for anything new and different in perfumes, this is right up my alley. Of course I was very happy when I won two sample sets on http://graindemusc.blogspot.com/
The name Parfums 137, is 1 story, 3 scents and 7 different perfumes! During the last days I have played with both of the kits quite much. Before trying them I tought I would like Nara 1869 with it´s notes of bigarade, osmanthus and olibanum the best. But when I was trying both kits at the same time (one on each arm) I realised that it was the arm with Hollywood Stromboli 1950 i sniffed on all the time!
Hollywood Stromboli 1950 has notes of spearmint, myrtle and immortelle. Before trying them, I tought the spearmint note would be to much, to minty and to fresh. And yes, at start the spearmint do cover up the other notes with loud, clean freshness. But after all, spearmint is a topnote and dissapears quite fast. After a short while I start discovering a wonderful nutty and warm scent, it´s from the myrtle, this together with the left overs from the spearmint, some green notes, makes the scent very special and different. When the spearmint still around I´ve got a sense of nut chewinggum, wich isn´t that pleasant, but just wait...
Well, honestly I enjoy Hollywood Stromboli 1950, it manage to wake a mediterrean feeling, but in quite un-typical way. It manage to be both warm and fresh at the same time, and I discover that I like it a lot!
The single bottles holds an easy, but not singlenoted, perfume. I am not that found of the spearmint, but both myrtle and immortelle are sweet and simple scents wich can be used by it self. The spearmint can refresh anything during summer I think. You are supposed to mix the notes within the kit, but I am convinced they works well to layer with almost anything.
The note of myrtle is maybe the easiest to like among them, the base is nutty, warm and creamy vanilla. But the one I like the most after all is the immortelle. Quite hard to describe tough, some strange mix of fruity, floral with some dust. In my opinion the best to wear alone of them.
The sample set I´ve got are in a pretty black organza bag and the bottles have a dripper in the hat, wich feels quite luxurious when it is only a sample set! You can get your own sample set at
http://www.parfums137.com/index.php unfortunatly my french is real bad, so I cant figure out if it is possible to order outside France, but I am sure it´s possible to contact them if you are curious. And you should be, this is an interesting idea and the individual notes are all good, even interesting. Together they create so much more than 7 perfumes, and I am looking forward to their next kit.
The sillage is discrete and the longvity is ok, not excellent.
Pic: Gordon Parks, Life

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