måndag 13 juli 2009

Ava Luxe - Heart of Glass

As most of you have understand by now, I really like to write. It´s quite essential to like writing when you have a blog, but of course it´s also good to be able to write "well" and also have something to tell. When it come to perfumes I have an never ending source of inspration, there are so many new perfume releases each year that is hard to belive, and the you got all the older masterpieces released years and centuries before I was obsessed with perfumes. There will always be interesting perfumes to write about. But of course I am not as inspired all days.

To have a blog is also so much more than to write, it is spending time with research, preparation, waiting for the right perfume sample to arrive and another very fun and inspiering task, to find the right pic for the article. I admit I have been lazy and really bad to tell where I have found the pics ( I am overall kind of lasy as a person). I promise I will get much better on that, and internet is really a chamber of treasuries when it come to pictures! Sometimes I find the "right" pic at once, and other times the "right" pic find me! Other times it become some totally other pic than I imagine it would be and sometimes the hunt for the perfect pic never ends and I have to seattle with something not as good as I was hoping for. www.flickr.com is, just like Etsy a place where it´s easy to get lost in time when you have start searching there. I think it´s amazing how many talented photographers there are!

The perfect pic has something to do with todays article. I have tested Ava Luxe´s Heart of Glass, another perfume starring tuberose. Heart of Glass manage really good among big shots like Frederic Malle´s Carnal Flwoer and Serge Lutens' Tubereuse Criminelle. On me, Heart of Glass become something in between the two of them. The top notes in Heart of Glass remind more of FMs Carnal Flower than SLs Tubereuse Criminelle. Eventually it become more unique, and ends up being a self confident interprention of tuberose.

Heart of Glass got some buttery, creamy almost chocolaty gourmand notes on me. It is full bodied, creamy and if it wasn´t so light at the same time it would easily become as sticky as Tubereuse Criminell on me. But in the middle of the heavy almost tranquilising floral notes, there is a note of pure clearness. I guess it´s that part Serena (the perfumer behind Ava Luxe) refer to in the name. I also think that this clear, almost serene note easily gets lost if you don´t think of it. I didn´t noticed it before I´ve tested Heart of Glass a coupple of times. Wich of course is one of the things that makes perfume testing so interesting, amazing and surprising. Maybe this clear note don´t show on everyone, it´s after all a question of skin chemistry (and sense of smell of course!).

Yes, you can imagine how hard it can be to find a pic that could describe so many different and complex impressions. I was looking for pics of tuberose in crystal vases surrounded by creamy chocolate cakes, and guess what, I didn´t find any!

I suspect Heart of Glass is more liked by the people prefering Carnal Flower before Tubereuse Criminelle. I love Carnal Flower, but it is a demanding perfume, it has a glory and radiance few people (at least not me) can pull of any day. Then I find Heart of Glass as a good substitute, it´s a big, shiny and powerful tuberose-scent, but not enormous. It´s longlasting, easily lasts 6 hours or more on me, the sillage is good but not huge. Thanks to the little cool and clear note, I think Heart of Glass works in summer, but you have to count on you get quite popular with all sorts of flying creatures! Well, I am sure it´s a pretty winter scent as well!

Pic: tuberose by pgoeltz/flickr

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