tisdag 28 juli 2009

Calé Fragranze d'Autore - Assolo

I didn´t plan to write about another scent from Calé Fragranze d'Autore today, but sometimes it isn´t me that chose the perfume to write about, but the perfume that choses to be written about. Assolo is one of those perfumes. Honestly, I don´t know if I like it, of all the Calé perfumes this is the one I find most difficult to wear, at least for me. I tried it after I´ve tried Tepidarium and belived that I would have something similar, but with fresh, sweet apple instead of tropical creamy fruits. But oh no, Assolo is something totally different than a simple, apple scent!

I tested Assolo, and put it away, since I found it annoying. But out of all perfumes from Calé, it constantly returned to my mind. I tried to find words and emotions to describe the unexpected scent experience, I was thinking about it when I´ve got to bed and well, I even dreamed about it! Do you happen to dream about perfumes?

So, I might think I was ready with Assolo, but Assolo didn´t think it was ready with me! Sometimes it´s only to accept such things!

Assolo starts off with a fresh and sweet apple note and this far everything is just nice, but only after a few minutes there comes some brisk, abresive and murky notes. Oh my, what is this? No, it doesn´t really smell bad, only very demanding, special and very different. It doesn´t make me think about a sweet apple, but about a whole apple tree. It is a discovery of a whole, big old apple tree even the smallest corners of it. Assolo is one of those perfumes that manage to make me feel very, very tiny. Like I am some sort of smallest bug living my whole life among the branches, bark, leaves and apples of an old, long time forgotten apple tree. It might be that kind of apple tree spending it´s last years close to an abandoned cottage deep inside the forrest. An apple tree no longer cared for by any people. Well, you understand that for such a small bug, a whole world of apple scents can be quite overwhelming!

As you guess, Assolo is a very interesting scent, one of the most interesting olfactory experiences I´ve encountered. And it´s that way with perfumes, the one´s that smells the best isn´t always the most interesting, and the most interesting one´s isn´t always the easiest to carry off.

On the right person, I can imagine Assolo to become a pleasure of an apple tree in bloom and with fresh fruits and sunny leafs. Isn´t perfumes the most exciting thing?

The small note of apple, stays long in assolo, but the brisk, abrasive notes also grows and grows. Have you ever chewed on some fresh tree, Assolo capture that feeling excactly. It´s a very genuin and natural smell of wood, but very difficult for me, with a skinchemistry that seem to make brisk notes so much brisker. Still, Assolo is the apple trees own story.

I can´t imagine anything better to try, if you´re looking for a scent with all the aspects of a tree. I also think this could be really interesting on a male skin chemistry, even tough I haven´t let my husband try it yet.

Don´t miss Assolo, if you like woody perfumes. I recommend it to anyone who likes strange olfactory experiences. Really strange, really big but also really "not me"...

Pic: The old, old apple tree by Davydutchy, flickr

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  1. Aaaaargh.. I left an enormous comment and it got deleted by accident! *cries*... Okay.. I was saying that I've been following your Calé Fragranze d'Autore series with immense interest since I'd never even heard of the line until I saw it on your blog.

    I've always loved and admired perfumes that bring to the fore the whole plant (roots, stems, leaves, blossoms, sometimes even the earth where it was planted in) but I've never encountered a perfume that does so with a tree! I am terribly intrigued.

    I know the feeling you describe about encountering a fragrance so strange that it leaves you tongue tied. However, you described this incredibly eloquently... I loved reading about your puzzlement.. the descriptions of your emotions really drew me in, and made me smile, for I've felt similarly when smelling perfumes that intrigued me.

  2. From rebella to Divina: Assolo definitly manage to do that, with the whole apple tree and I think it´s quite impressive. Overall the whole line feels and smell very well worked, and the perfumes complements each other really good. They are kind of edgy without being so difficult to wear.