onsdag 1 juli 2009

Chopard - Casmir

This year my strawberries wasn´t ripe in time for midsummer, so I had to by some packages of strawberries instead. I made cake filling with rhubarbs and they was my own. There is something special to eat things you have grown on your own I think. Even something that simple that get some leafs from my thyme-plant make me feel more comfortable.
Making a pie with my own rhubarbs or during autumn with my own apples is so much nicer than with fruits from the store. I belive I´m not alone thinking that way, even tough it may depend a little of the fact that I grew up in northern Sweden where the summer is short and intense. Where I live now, it´s posible to grow both grapes and peaches against a warm wall turning south. I suspect the peaches can´t posible be as sunripe golden sweet as they are when eating them in southern France tough. But there is something about eating your first very own peach tough.
My brother and his family lives in Chile, some miles south of the capital Santiago. They´ve got huge avocado tree´s and during season they eat avocado in every form. They´ve also got a lot of different citrus trees, but unfortunatly they ripe during winter, when it´s summer here and my brother and his family almost always visits Sweden, so they can´t really enjoy their lovely citrus fruits!
Abundance of fruit, sun and sweetness you also find in Chopard´s Casmir. When I first got it (I´ve got a bottle of 30 ml) in a swap I didn´t think of it as any special. It smelled good, but much to sweet. I haven´t used it that much, but my youngest daughter borrows it from time to time.
But now the heat has come, and yes, it´s nice with cool, fresh perfumes in the heat, but I have also discovered that I like warm and sweet perfumes during summer. So at this time Casmir is a really good choise for me. Casmir is filled with sunriped mango, peach, apricot and red berries. In Casmir there is no shadow to find. It is like being in the middle of a tropical fruit market, in the sun and the smell of almost over ripe fruits are all over and around. There is also some warm spices and dessert sweet vanilla. Casmir is almost overly sweet, but strangely enough it suits me really good in the heath. So if I am going around all hot and sweaty I can as well doing it in a cloud of tropical sweetness obviously.
Casmis isn´t a complex or unique scent. It´s quite linear and the smell of tropical fruits are around from the start until the end. It´s quite longlasting, but not more than about 4 hours. The sillage is great. Since Casmir can be found quite cheap on the net I can spray me all over with it, and ´knowing I don´t want to use it until the next heatwave.
Casmir is an excellent choise to: sunbrown skin, orange tank top, flipflops and vanilla flavoured lipgloss.

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