måndag 6 juli 2009

Parfumerie Generale - Lounges Profanes

Once again I has been spellbound by a perfume from Parfumerie Generale. And i really mean it, for now there isn´t any other perfumes that matters, except of Lounges Profanes.

I am drawn towards it, like a moth towards the light. I am trying to analyse why I like it so much, without much success. Yes, it do smell good, but I can´t feel that it smells so much better than everything else right now, that it would justify such an obsession. Sure, it is a nice olfactory trip, but not as stunning as others I´ve tried. I belive it touches something in me, something I can´t hardly remember... even tough I think it remind me of the smell in my grandmothers bedrom when I was small. There is something old fashioned with Lounges Profanes, but to think of it as a perfume for old ladies is kind of stupid. At the same time it manage to have an old fashioned charm but also being very modern.

I think of having some of the 20ies most celebrated beuties on a time travel to our days, modernise them a little but still keep their time typical style.

Well, that might sound weird? But if you can imagine a modern interprention of Kiki du Montparnasse (the women at Man Ray´s photo Le violin de Ingres).

Anyway Lounges Profanes is one of the best powdery scents I´ve encountered. It remind me of the smell of really high quality make-up. Really red lipstick, ivory coloured powder, black kohl. A lot of champagne-coloured pearls, a feather boa and a tight laced corset. A glass of sparkling champagne. And a vase filled with lilies. Yes, there is lilies in Lunges Profanes, but they´re toned down just enough. Eveything in Lounges Profanes is just enough according to me, it is perfectly suitable for my skin chemistry. It is like my whole body get soaked with it, like it is something I´ve missed for a long time!

I feel very content, safe and comfy when I wear Lounges Profanes, it is also one of the best comfort-scents I´ve tried. Maybe it´s because of olfactory memories of my grand mother, that was a very soft, friendly and caring women. And she always smelled very, very good. Actually teh only person from my childhood having a scent of her own, soft and yet a little perfumed. No body remember or know what perfume she use to wear, but I think it could have been Chanel No 5. Maybe not the perfume, maybe she was content with a scented body powder or body lotion? Anuhow she smelled slightly perfumed powdery, and I smile when I realised she would also have enjoyed Lounges Profanes.

Well, ok there is a slight smell of old lady. But, I can also imagine how wonderful Lounges Profanes would smell on a women half my age. Cause Lounges profanes may be caressing, comforting and old fashioned, but it is also sexy. In a refined sensual and laid back way. Like someone waiting, knowing she will get what she wants anyway. Someone aware of her magnetic attraction force, but a little more introvert than extrovert.

I am having big troubble describing Lounges Profanes in a proper way. It is much to good for my words to make it justice, you just have to try it! But if you´re not a fan of powdert scents you might try it with some care. Even tough I´ve heard of others on wich it isn´t at all powdery!

Many of Parfumerie Generale´s perfumes are complex and developing on me, Lounges Profanes isn´t. It is quite linear and simple, it smell as gorgeus from start to finnish, well almost. The last basenotes that still remains after 4-5 hours smells like the memories of soft incense on my skin.

Lounges profanes have some similarites to Annick Goutal Songes and Chanel No 5, so if you like those, don´t miss out on Lounges Profanes.

It has good longvity (not incredible) and heavy sillage. Another perfume from Parfumerie Generale I simply must have more of!

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