fredag 17 juli 2009

Ego Facto - Poopoo Pidoo and Prends Garde A Toi

I´ve got thistles in my flower bed. And I like them. Globe thistles and sea-holly are a futuristic and exiting companion to dahlias and lilies.
I have tried two perfumes from the new french perfume house of Ego Facto (I realise that I written much about new perfume houses lately, but I promise I will take on something slightly older soon). I like their homepage by the way, there is a lot to look at and do, even tough I don´t really understand what the barbie dolls got to do with the perfumes? Maybe it´s just a funny and humoristic touch to it. The perfumes are not at all barbie style (if barbie style would be something childish) .
At first I tought I would write only about Poopoo Pidoo wich is a soft, comfy and fluffy perfume. The kind of perfume that smells sweet and nice at the first, second and third sniff, but then it starts to evolve. As you figure out by now, I´ve got a weak spot for pleasant, powdery perfumes that hide something animalic and erotic under the pleasing surface. Poopoo Pidoo is doing really good in that genre. Dominique Ropion (Carnal Flower, Une Fleur de Cassie, Alien and Kenzo Jungle l'Elephant) is behind Poopoo Pidoo, so it isn´t much to ask for something a little extra? At first there is notes of orange blossom and after a while there is rice powder and it was about here I started to get really interested. Something about it remind me of something else that I really, really like but I can´t figure out what it is. Happy and content I sniff the pleasant scent, just to realise that the real exiting notes comes to play now. A leathery, animalic musk joins in. Well, at least it got me!
I happens to have tried several powdery, fluffy perfumes with something completly different under the surface. Something raw, animalic and erotic, so Poopoo Pidoo is in excellent company. In my opinion not quite in the top, but not at all far behind. Even tough it remind of something else, Poopoo Pidoo still got a very unique character. And the best thing is that Poopoo Pidoo is so very longlasting. The warm and musky basenotes is there for hours, at least 10-12 hours I can smell it at my skin. I can´t remember any other perfume in that category with as good longvity. And the sillage is pretty good also. Well, everyone with a likening of powdery, sensual and surprising perfumes should give it a try.
Poopoo Pidoo is so good, that I didn´t give the other sample, Prends Garde À Toi much notice. I tested it once and it was very, very green and would be suitable for those who can carry off heavy, saturated and also brisk scents. Yesterday evening I did it agian. Happened to spray on Prends Garde À Toi instead of Poopoo Pidoo. Well, I have to put up with it I tought.
And well, am I gald I did? Prends Garde À Toi take me for a really intriguing olfactory trip. The green notes started to change, they darkened and wrapped me in. Almost blackish green greenery smelled on my wrist and smelled a lot. There isn´t anything careful about it. For some reason it make me think about Snowwhite´s evil step mother. I become aware of an evil castle built with winding and dangerous thistles and nettles, a castle where the evil queen lived. You realise, you have to be in quite a mood to pull Prends Garde À Toi off...! After a while it´s softens up, but just a little, it keep it´s strong, green character until the end. Honestly, Prends Garde À Toi isn´t really my kind of scent, but if Bandit is among you favourites, you must give this a try! I am sure it would suit my husband just fine, I consider it to be an unisex. Buy the way, if Poopoo Pidoo is lon-lived, Prends Garde À Toi also is, when I wake up this morning some lovely velvety green notes of soft moss still remain.
Unfortunatly Ego Facto´s perfumes aren´t available outside France yet. They are only sold at Marionnaud. But I do hope they become available outside France soon, because I am so curious about the rest of the perfumes ("Fool for Love", "Me, Myself and I", "Sacre Coeur", "Piege À Filles" and "Jamais Le Domanche").
I do love to live here in our little house, but sometimes I dream about moving to France, I guess the life for a perfumista is much easier there.
Pic: Thistles in the sun/ Arkwolf

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  1. Oh, wow, that's a fabulous review. Now I REALLY want me some of that!!! Wish the name wasn't so silly - I mean, Poopoo Pidoo?? Arrrgh! But you make it sound soooo fabulous! I must go in search for a sample. \

    One more thing: Your admiration for the humble thistles moved me. Very poetic, and very magical, to be able to appreciate them and see them in a beautiful light, as complimentary to dahlias even! Thank you for this. You opened my eyes to their beauty. I will start paying more attention. I think paying attention to all things beautiful in life makes one happy... I strive for that. :)

  2. The name is not the best part of that perfume, that´s for sure. Now I am only so very curious about the others in the line...

    Yes, I think thistles can be very beautiful they really add something special to other flowers.

    Your passion for perfume shows that you allready paying attention to beautiful things. :)