onsdag 22 juli 2009

Profumum Roma - Alba

Anna Gran, Sollefteå.nu
The last coupple of weeks I´ve got a whole lot of samples in my mailbox. I made a gorgeus swap with the renowned perfumista Jackie Daniels. Only to sniff trough those samples will take a long time. I also received a whole lot of Profumum Roma (also called just Profumum) samples from a generous reader of the blog, thank you N! And as if that wasn´t enough I also just recently got a whole collection of samples from an italian perfume brand. I have to work real hard for some time apperantly, but since I have the most lovely work (even tough I think with lowest pay) it is only so much fun!

Once in a while you stumble upon a perfume you can´t smell. Of some reason you have an olfactory blindness to it or the combination of notes in it. Gucci by Gucci is one of these perfumes for me, I could as well try to smell fresh water. Another is my husbands Lacoste Elegance, I can smell it on him, but when I tried it, it smelled nothing on me. Strange, but interesting I think.

Among the Profumum-line there are some perfumes I really like, some I think is ok and some I don´t care for at all and then there is one I can hardly smell, Alba. And that´s the one I am going to write about today.

Well, I have to admit I kind of smell it, otherwise it would be pointless to write a review, wouldn´t it? I would simply have to write that I can´t smell a thing.

But that would be only partly true, since after all, Alba do smell, but it´s so subtle, elusive and softspoken that it make me utterly charmed, but also confused. The first time I tried it, I could hardly smlle it, but after trying it a coupple of times I have slowly get a grip on what notes to hunt in order to smell it. And, the scent is spellbindning.

This is skinscent at it´s best, Alba is a comfortable and sothing scent, but also alluring and very hard to catch. As a perfume I can´t hardly smell, I find my self sitting with my nose against my wrist a whole lot of time.

Alba consists of notes of different woods and amber, on me it´s clean, powdery and warm. But also something in it that is cool and uplifting, like some menthol or maybe eucalyptus? These contradictionary notes make me think of trees in snow, trees all covered with hoar-frost in a snowy world. Trees as concrete as trees in the summer, but surely a winter wood make a whole different impression than a wood in summer? I think that Alba remind me a little of CdG 3, but while I am chasing CdG 3 in a tropic jungle, I am chasing Alba in a white winter wood.

Tough, Alba isn´t a cold perfume, it is mostly a warm perfume, but with just enough tension to make it so exciting (at least in my nose). Did I wrote that it is clean, yes it has a name to live up to. But Alba is also sort of sexy, not in a raw, animalic or erotic way. No Alba is more like deep kisses and cuddles. It may leed to more, but that´s a different story...

Alba has this almost negative sillage, oddly enogh my family can smell it, even my husband. So I can´t really smell it porperly, but others notice it. Alba blend with my skin in the most penetrating way. It should be the top notes standing out a little, but with Alba it´s the other way around. Alba´s aura grows little by little and as I said, Alba is a strange, but lovely perfume.

It is amazingly longlasting, as almost all perfumes from Profumum. Alba still lingers on my skin after 10-12 hours, almost as noticeable as newly applied. Would I consider a big bottle of Alba? Not really, I think Profumum are quite pricey, and there is a lot of perfume I would buy in big bottle before Alba. But a nice decant would be fine! :)

Do you have any favourite from Profumum? Or maybe from some other italian (niche)brand? I think italian perfumes standing a little in the shadow from the french perfumes, why is that? Aren´t the italian perfumes as good? Or is it becasue they are generally a little more expensive? What do you think?

I think I have a lot of italian tidbits to write about, but as usual I will probably write about other perfumes as well.

Pic: Anna Gran, Sollefteå.nu

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