måndag 20 juli 2009

I´m a sprinter!

On the pic above Marion Jones are running. If I was about to be chased by a wolfpac I think it would be a good choise to borrow Marion Jones' legs if the closest tree, house or where ever to get sheltered was some where close. If it was a longer distance I would prefer borrowing the legs from a medium-or long distance runner.
Ok, what can a sprinter possibly have to do with perfumes? Well, I am so obsessed so quite about everything could lead me to think about perfumes.
My personality is kind of a sprinter-personality. What ever I work with, I am done fast. I don´t have that good pateince and I am not much of a saver. When I was studying I usually start preparing for an important test/exam only a coupple of days ahead, the times I tried to start much earlier it always become just crap. When I want friends to come over for a dinner or party, I always want them to come the same evening or weekend, beause the next weekend maybe I wont feel like having a party? When I am reading, I am reading really fast, therefore I love thick books, because hopefully they last a litlle longer than one or two days. Of course this kind of temper also influence the way I am when it come to perfumes.
My obsessed interest of perfumes started a coupple of years ago, but it isn´t more than 1½ year ago I ordered my first samples. During the time since that I have sniffed hundreds and hundreds of perfumes. Some have been dismissed fast and others I have had cravings for. Some days I have tested 4-5 perfumes. And of course you understand that they don´t get time to evolve their basenotes in that phase. To have patience and enjoy a perfume for a long time isn´t one of my strong sides. But of course I return to the perfumes I like and try them more properly a little later. But I tend toi miss some really good one´s when I am doing this way, for example it was so close that I missed Ambre Sultan because of this (se earlier blog article) but now I even have my own precious mini-bottle of it.
Yes, mini-bottles and decants is the best thing happened to perfumes according to me. They are so suitable for my temper and personality. I wish all perfumes would come in 5, 10 or 15 ml bottles. Because, during this time I have ordered samples and decants, I haven´t yet, bought a single big bottle of beloved niche-perfume.
Samples I have bought, and swapped and begged(!) actually I am always waiting for some new samples to hit my mailbox.
Decants as well, not as many, but quite a lot tough. And mini-bottles, I ve got 5, 8 or 10 ml bottles from Serge Lutens, Guerlain and Frederic Malle, and a nice 15 ml bottle of Hermessence Ambre Narguile.
You might think I don´t have any big bottles at all, but I have, even tough I think they are not so many. Yes, I´ve bought some big bottles during this time, but they´re all mainstream perfumes I found cheap on the net. The very few niche-perfume I´ve got in big bottles I have bought or swapped in used condition at internet.
I´ve understand this is quite common for a newbie-perfumista. After a while the phase slows down, and you start saving up for those desireable big bottles. Or buy at once, if you´re having some more money lying around then I usually have.
How about you? Do you swap and buy a lot of samples? Or do you test new perfumes very orderly and slow? Do you always want a big bottle of the most loved perfumes or do you settle with a nice decant?
pic: panachereport.com

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