fredag 14 januari 2011

Yves Rocher - Nature Millenaire

How doesn´t remember the millenium shift? Personally I celbebrate the ending of the 20:ieth century in Boden with my family and relatives. Not a very special New Year party, but still we had a nice time. Even in little Boden, that years fireworks was something really special!

A little over ten years have passed since then. In some ways it feels like it was not at all long time ago, but in some ways it feels like it really was. One interesting thing with being middle aged, is that you can look back on different phases in life and see them begin and end. During that period I was really a mother with capital M. My youngest was 2½ years old and the others was still kids, or not the oldest one, she was just about grown up. Style wise I was a little influented by Africa, i had a lot of long skrits and dresses, even tie-dyed! I have to admit I don´t have any of those clothes still in my wardrobe.

the perfume I used most back then, and the one I think suited my sooo well, was Yves Rocher´s Nature Millenaire. A flanker to Nature that was sold only about the year around the millenium shift. With that name it was kind of dated in a coupple of months really. Unfortunatly! According to me, this was a great fragrance. When they was about to not sell it any more, I bought two bottle for the price of one, so when we moved here in 2004 I still hade some tiny amounts left. however I runned out of Nature Millenaire at least five years ago.

apparently I wasn´t the only one liking this, becasue now and then a bottle shows up on Tradera and usually goes for quite much money, at least to be an Yves Rocher fragrance. Anyway, a while ago I manage to catch a mini bottle of it. Would I still like it? Time has changes and I wasn´t a perfume nerd back then, so my taste in perfume has also changed pretty much.

But yes, I still likes it. Not as much as back then, but I think it´s a good and different fragrance that would have deserved a longer life and a better name. In my imagination i think it would have been Nature Afrique instead. Back then, when I used it much, I got associations to Africa, heat, sweetness, proud and beautiful women, dark woods, mystic incense and dusty African soil.

This is how I still feels about it, I really think it has something African in it´s apperance. It is warm, sweet, dark, strange, sensual, laid back and cozy. It´s quite linear and I find it to be a little to monotone now, and a little synthetic as well, still without feeling cheap though.

There are two head features in Nature Millenaire, one is the almost narcotic scent of iris mixed with sweet vanilla, the other is the dark wood, dusty almost earthy spices and smoky incense. together they create a very powerful, strong and warm scent. If Yves Rocher decided to make it again, i would totally buy a bottle and use it from time to time. It has something evry special that is totally charming I think.

Great lasting power, huge sillage and porbably would work on men that likes sweet fragarnces as well. Unfortunatly not see easy to come by any more, but if you get a chanse to try it, don´t miss it.

Pic: Paulette 56

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  1. I nearly weakened and ordered from Yves Rocher on the strength of this post, remembering the fun of getting their parcels. But I'm not in the mood for waiting in for parcels (the days are too short to *have* to wait in) so I resisted, despite their sale offers.

    I like the stylish picture you chose for this post: very appealing.

    cheerio, Ann in Edinburgh

  2. I used to love this perfume when I was about 18-19 years old. That's ten years ago. Later I bought Hypnotic Poison and kinda forgot about Nature Millenaire. I still have the bottle, and miss using it from time to time, but it seems to have lost it's top notes. There used to be something almost piercing in it's smell (which I loved) but it's not the same anymore.

    This is definitely a perfume that deserves to be appreciated more. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who liked it.


  3. Ann: I ordered a lot from YR back in the 80ies and 90ies, but since I become perfume obsessed al my spare money goes to samples, decant and bottles so I don´t buy as much makeup, skincare etc any more. Still i think YR, both fragarnces and other offerings are really worth the price.

    Yes, I loved that little African doll, she looks so happy and contempt. :)

  4. Catterina: I think when you´re deling with not abolsute top quality raw materials and synthetics, maybe the perfumes goes stale much faster.

    Anyway, this is a lovely fragarance. :)


  6. hi rebella :D
    if you are still interested in this fragrance and would like to buy it,or know someone that does,I have a full bottle of it (i lost the box somehow though) :D i bought it a few years back,but haven't used it much...i just tried it a few times and it kind of never grew on me...just too strog i guess :/

  7. Yes I am very interested. My e-mail is contact me as soon aas possible it's for my girlfriend and she's running out of it. Thx for your help :)