tisdag 4 januari 2011

Frazer Parfum - Chapter 3, coffee & orange blossom

Usually people don´t care so much about the small white coffe flowers, since it´s the coffee beans that matters on the coffee bush. When I wear a drop or two of frazer parfum Chapter 3, coffe & orange blossom I belive this is how the small coffe blossoms should smell, but for real I have no idea how they smell or even IF they smell at all...

Coffe & orange blossom is possibly the one among the nine scents from Frazer Parfum that smells the absolute goodest. Oh, it´s so soft and caressing, yet aromatic, airy, creamy and complex. In the opening I think lavender is domnating, but it´s a warm, soft and gorgeous kind of lavender. Soon thereafter the coffee shows up, soft, with some sweet elements and roasted goodness, slowly mixing up with some juicy orange and eventually some creamy orange blossom.

Coffee note can behave a bit boring on me, some times it tend to dominate the scent totally and other times it get totally soaked up by my skin within a few minutes and dissapears. In coffe & orange blossom non of it happens. The coffe note is soft and creamy, but also still there, mingling with the orange blossom creating a scent that -in my imagination- is like a genuin scent of coffee blossom.

Also the scent of orange blossom can be quite volatile, and I like to think about orange blossom as a scent of summer. Coffe & orange blossom isn´t an exception, it captures a small piece of a perfect summer day, but a perfect summer day in much warmer climate then Sweden or even south of Europe.

Coffe & orange blossom isn´t as exciting or challenging as the toher two from Frazer parfum that I´ve wrote about, but it is one of the most comfortable scents I´ve tried. Totally comfy that´s coffe & orange blossom. It´s so soft, so smoth, so caressing and adorable I even forget about the fact that it´s ice cold january outside my door. At the same time it smells so good, so cherful and happy that it never gets boring.

There is however one let down with coffe & orange blossom. It hasn´t got as good lasting power as the other from Frazer Parfum. Maybe, this is because it´s also starts off much more softer and skin close. Since it smells so amazingly good I gets kind of desperate every time I notice it´s about to dissapear, I don´t want to be without it at all...

Yet, it has that in common with other scents that captures the smell of a perfect summerday, wonderful is truly short.

Pic: coffee flower, chiangmai.com

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  1. coffee flowers indeed have a very intense , narcotic and fruity aroma . i have some of the rare essential oil and have been working on a fragrance called Trishna ( which means craving in Sanskrit . )
    It is a very rare and beautiful essence , you are fortunate to smell it . I'm surprised it blended with orange blossom , they seem like they would cancel each other out .
    Thanks for this great series of reviews . I went to the website , it is not easy to find out the cost of these...

  2. waftbyCarol: Actually this one is probably the prettiest coffee fragrance I´ve tried. And yes, I haven´t seen those notes combined in a fragrance before. Usually coffee and lavender is a common coupple, but in those scent I always find lavender to take lead and it end´s up being a lavender scent. In this the lavender is hardly noticable except during the opening, but maybe it can act as a "blender/fixating" between coffee and orange blossom?

    Craving seem like a good name based on that scent. :)

    I belive you have to send a mail and ask for prices and I´m also suspect the prices could be like "if you have to ask, you can´t afford it"...