tisdag 4 januari 2011

Frazer Parfum - Chapter 4, corsica everlasting

Among the nine fragrances from Fraer Parfum, corsica everlasting is perhaps the wildest, the most genuine and the most adventurous. I write perhaps, since there is -at least- one other that also would fit that description really good. Anyway, corsica everlasting is a really unique, wild and genuine scent.

All the scents from Frazer parfum shows a surprising complexity and of course corsica everlasting also does. In the opening I can sense both late summer dry medditerrean fields as well as some juicy alsmot berrylike notes, honeyed sweetness and an aromatic tobacco like note, I can also smell the vague currylike note from immortelle (everlasting flower), but it´s very soft and never becomes foody or to spicy. It´s rather make a balsamic backdrop for the other notes to rest upon.

Corsica everlasting is a fragrance of sunburned mountains but still with some salty seabreaze in the air, it´s a scent of adventures, of wilderness and maybe, meybe all the way in the remote heart of the scent you can belive to meet some freedom fighters around a camp fire... i get a most genuin feeling from corsica everlasting which makes it comparable to Hindu Kush, Nasomatto´s Black Afgano and DS & Durga´s Beartrapper. Corsica everlasting takes me on an olfactory trip to places I have never visit and probably never will visit.

This of course make corsica everlasting a little more demanding to wear then the earlier three I wrote about, this is a fragarance that want´s some engagement from it´s wearer. During base note, corsica everalsting, gets smother and softer though, the wild notes are getting tamed and become soft and serene, like if the sun slowly set upon the heath of the day. In the drydown I can smell some leathery elements as well as the honey note which contributes with a soft sweetness. There is aromatic but also powdery elements during this phase. The powdery note feels more like sandy then common powdery.

Corsica everlasting is suitable on both men and women. It has good lasting power and medium sillage. A fragrance for adventures, within or for real.

Pic: everlasting flowers, flickr

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