fredag 7 januari 2011

Frazer Parfum - Chapter 5, swiss stone

Stones are in different from animals and some plants (especially trees) hard to get any contact with. Even with a small hamster people experience it´s possible to have some contact, I even experienced I had some contact with my fishes. And with some trees and my most loved plants and don´t get me started with "Burre" my firtree...

And those of us that have had (or have) a dearly beloved pet, who among us haven´t at least once though "Oh, if only you could talk". And tests have shown that plants like it better if they´re living in a home where someone talk to them. But stones, so hard to make any sort of contact with! If they where human they would be autistic all of them, and I mean really, really severe autistic!

And yet, imagine if stones could talk. What haven´t the smallest pebble been trough during it´s million and millions years of existance? And that smooth, beautiful stone you bring home after your vacation to the Mediterrean? And the old stone walls running across the landscape (at least here in Sweden), the result of many long hours hard work. And boulder ridges and glacial erratics and the lake stones of Loch Ness!? Oh well, I know I began to sound quite dopey now, but still, if stones could talk I´m sure they have a lot more interesting things to tell you then your average hamster....

Frazer Parfum chapter 5 swiss stone is a fragrance about stone. Among the nine scents this is the coldest and maybe also -at least to me- the most austere. If corsica everlasting is adventures close to a sunwarmth Mediterrean, swiss stone is adventures in much colder surroundings. Yeah, like in Switzerland obviously. But I don´t have to go all the way to Switzerland (even though it´s nice there and I would love to go there again) to recognise this scent. To me it smells like the nature just outside my house.

swiss stone is the scent of an autumn walk through the forrest in moist, but not yet rainy weather. And it´s also a walk through late autumn, most leaves have fell off the trees. Swiss stone starts of with a sharp almost piercing note, but just for a few seconds there after comes aromatic, haylike and wet notes. There is also something cooling, like mint. And then, there it is, the smell of stones, mineral, some iron, a dense, cold and strangely singing note. This is like the scent of the old stone wall close to Eriksbergs cottage. A stone wall covered by moss, with big old trees around and yellow grass and open soil.

Swiss stone feels lika a withdrawn, slightly melancolic scent. Bittersweet, emotional and as made to wear while you´re writing some beautiful poetry. Swiss stone also evoke almost meditative feelings, it´s a scent for peace and quiet and inner travels. Melancolic, yes, but stikll in perfect harmony and balance.

Swiss stone can be worn by both women and men and have good lasting power and good sillage. Just like corsica everlasting, swiss stone can be a bit challenging, a fragarnce that want´s to be noticed while you wear it. And of course, you wouldn´t forget about since it has a strong precense and take it´s place more then well.

Swiss stone is a fragarnce that would be very suitable for someone mysterious, a little withdrawn but very interesting. This is a scent for someone that prefers to be uniqe not to blend in with the crowd.


2 kommentarer:

  1. I wondered about this one: you make it sound very atmospheric, a scent for brooding Heathcliff on the moors?

    I'm a geology/geography fan and you sound perfectly sensible to me. Stones *do* talk to us if we take the trouble to contemplate what they've been through over huge expanses of time.

    That's another one from this line that I'd like to smell. This is making it harder and harder to choose!

    Cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: Yes, stones do starts my imagination of some times. Yes, this is a very atmospheric scent. Very different and interesting, but i think you have to be in the right mood to enjoy it.

    Hopa you get the opportunity to try them, they´re so worth trying.