söndag 23 januari 2011

LUSH - Vanillary

Can as well keep on going with vanillas, now when I´ve started. And it´s really quite suitable since I´ve had crawings for vanilla fragrances during december and january. Last year at this time I was craving large florals and honey, this year it´s vanilla and amber. What cathegory of fragrances have you had the most lust for during the last months?

Vanilla is a really popular note in fragrances, sometimes used only by very light hand to get some sweetness and softness, and sometimes the vanilla is in center of attention, like in Vanilla Musk that I wrote about yesterday and also many others. In vanillary from LUSH, the vanilla is also in center of attention, but with more company then yesterday´s vanilla.

I have an over all soft spot for LUSH and their products, unfortunatly we don´t have a LUSH store in our town, but everytime I visit our bigger neighbor town I´m for sure heading to the LUSH shop. Their bath ballistics, massage bars, facial masks and soaps are really something little extra. And for some time now, Gorilla Perfumes ( a new start for old Be Never...) had made perfumes for LUSH, so it´s even more nice to stop by...

One good thing with LUSHs perfumes is that they come in several and quite small sizes and they also offer perfume in cream (I haven´t tried it though, but looks like a nice alternative). Their purse sized sprays are so affordable and you can in fact buy both one, two or three of them without being ruined. You van find more information aboutLUSH and their products here:

The day before Christmas Eve I bought a small bottle of Vanillary and that is totally different vanilla then yesterday´s Vanilla Musk.

Vanillary isn´t really a gourmand vanilla that you put on when you have sweet cravings. Despite that there isn´t any doubts about Vanillary being a vanilla scent fro vanilla lovers, the vanilla is in front and very obvious, I belive the closest is to call it a vanilla for grown up vanilla lovers.

Besides the vanilla I can smell some flowers in vanillary, jasmine but also something else, probably ylang which fades away rather quickly though. Directly from start Vanillary also have a very smoky feeling. This is also a vanilla that would suit men perfect.

I find Vanillary to be strong and can be used by light hand. For me, one spray at my wrist is enough, the sillage is really large, while lasting power is about medium.

The florals from the opening fades little by little, but the smoky note stays, slowly the vanilla getting deeper, darker, but also creamier, a little powdery and sweeter. This phase of the fragrance makes me think of someone smoking vanilla cigarettes. Quite stunning actually, and this also makes Vanillary to a nice vanilla for evening wear. It´s soft and cuddly at the same time as thrilling.

Do you have any LUSH favorites? I´m really a fan of the bath ballistic, Waiving not drowning.

Pic: Marilyn Monroe

3 kommentarer:

  1. Would you compare Vanillary to Spiriteuse Double Vanille? The smokiness that you mentioned intrigues me, and I wonder if it comes across a bit like SDV?



  2. Geordan: Honestly, I´ve only tried Double vanille once and that was at a time where I tried a lot of other scent simultanusly so I can´t give you a really good answer. But, Vanillary is stronger on the smoke, not so elegant, classy and rich smelling as Double Vanille. Still I find it to be a good choise if you like smoky, unsweet vanilla.

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