onsdag 12 januari 2011

Lorenzo Villoresi - Iperborea

What is your favorite kind of snow? Mine is no snow at all. :) But if I have to chose I´ll take that kind of dry, powdery snow that tends to fall in colder weather. As a kid I should have chosen the wet kind of snow that you can use for building stuff with (sorry but I couldn´t find the english word for it, I don´t think it´s hugsnow???) as snowmans or snow fortresses. I never was much interested in throwing snowballs though. A rumer at our school said that a somewhat older boy was hit in his eye with a snowball and become blind. But when it was snowball fight I helped out by making snow balls for our team at least.

As I´m born and raised just a about 100 km south of north polarcircle you can trust me when I say I have some certain sense of snow. Different types of snow smells in different way. Snow mixed with rain has a slightly mineral/matellic scent. Wet snow on the other hand smells a little more wooly, like wet sheeps in distance. Fine, powdery snow has a scent that reminds a little of fabric, some close woven cotton or linen. lorenzo Villoresi´s new fragrance Iperborea manage to capture that scent remarkable well.

To be honest, I´m not sure if Iperborea really smells like powdery snow, or if it´s just manage to capture that feeling. As I can recall, powdery snow don´t really smells of citrusfruits, delicate flowers or vanilla, while Iperborea does.

I´ve tried all the fragrances from lorenzo Villoresi, and Iperborea manage without a problem to become one of my favorites from the line. In different from many other offerings from Villoresi, Iperborea is a subtle, soft and discrete kind of scent. It seem like Villoresi has a soft spot for snow and Nordic inspiration in his perffume making as his Teint de Neige means the color of snow, while Hyperborea (Iperborea) according to greek mythology is a land north of the Nordic wind that was said to have a most enjoyable climate despite it´s placement. For me that comes from almost north of the nordic wind Iperborea feels like a more trustworthy interpretion of snow then teint de Neige which mostly smells like huge amounts of old fashioned cosmetic powder (still, I like it and when I feel for a really powdery scent, that´s a favorite).

Iperborea is cristal clear, cold but with surprisingly warm elements, citrus soft and a weav of delicate flowers so seamlessly blended that it´s hard to tell any single flowers apart. The opening is pure and refreshingly fruity, not only citrus as I detect a really nice pear note also.

But it´s in the heart of the fragrance Iperborea remind most about powdery snow, actually as much as I feel like going out and make snow angels, but the snow right now isn´t at all snowangel snow. Iperborea is absolute worth testing, it´s really great if you think you would like a fragrance reminding of priestine powdery snow and the most delicate flowers. Very pure, very different and very beautiful. Not so hefty sillage, but goos lasting power. One of the most genuin fragrances in the "flowers in snow" genre.

Pic: reser.se

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  1. I've known snow pretty well my whole life too, but I've never smelled a real "snow" perfume. I'll have to try this. The only LV I've tried is Sandalo, but I really liked it.

  2. I've always lived in the Southern United States...never getting much snow. The snow we get is almost always wet; it lasts only a day or two on the ground. We get more ice than snow. I'll have to try the Iperborea and think of snow... :-)

    Alice in Arkansas

  3. kjanicki: Hopa you get the possibilty to try some more Villoresi scents, some of them are really good. I have a bottle of Musk and it´s so nice and subtle.

    Iperborea is a cool and different fragrance and I think it would be perfect for someone living in warm climate but that miss the feeling of snow and cold sometimes. I have to test it during summer too.

  4. Alice: Yes, I think Iperborea would give you a very romantic and nice sense of snow and cold if you try it.