lördag 22 januari 2011

Ava Luxe - Vanilla Musk

If you can see the pictures above, I´m sure you can also imagine the flavor of them? And that´s really the only thing that I have to write about Ava Luxe´s divine, yet simpleVanilla Musk. If Indult´s Tihota is my daughters favorite vanilla, Ava Luxe´s Vanilla Musk is mine.

I´ve got a small sample of it in in perfume oil when I placed my order before Christmas and I was totally blown away from the first second...

It´s sweet without being cloying. Full bodied without being heavy. There isn´t anything strange about it like a vanilla fragrance for people that really don´t like vanilla, no this is straight forward vanilla for people that love vanilla that is sweet, gourmandish, juicy, soft, creamy and totally vanilly. It has a soft musk base, that on me deepens and strengthens the vanilla without making it complicated, but it´s a clkean and simple musk that don´t mess up the vanill at all in my opinion.

On me, Vanilla Musk smells at least as good as Indult´s Tihota and therefor I saw my chanse to convince my daughter about that too, but she isn´t that easy to corrupt, she belive Vanilla Musk become a little bit sharp on her and she refuses to compare it with her beloved Tihota. Probably you can experience Vanilla Musk differently depending on skin chemistry and sense of smell and taste. Oh well, according to my senses this is as close you can get to a perfect, uncomplicated vanilla.

My next order at Ava Luxe will definitly be with at least one bottle of Vanilla Musk perfume oil. Has anyone tried it in eau de parfum?

Lasting power is good, even though not as good as some other Ava Luxe´s. Sillages is skin close. A perfect vanilla for people that loves vanilla shortly speaking. Thanks to it´s simple and linear qualities it´s also good for layering.

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  1. Hello Rebella !

    As I said in my first comment about Humiecki&Graef's "Eau Radieuse", I happen to discover your blog googling aboout "AVA LUXE" fragrances.

    Your review of "Vanilla Musk" caught my eye.
    In search for my HG vanilla, I may include it to my test list but have a question for you : is this "Vanilla Musk" sweet enough ?
    I mean, I WANT my vanilla to be the sweetest, sugariest one, I WANT it to be confectionary and I WANT to smell like a COOKIE !!! ^^

    Would it not be the case, could you suggest me, amongst all the ones you tested, some fragrances that can match my vanilla sugar sweetness criterias ?

    I want NO woods, NO florals, NO boozy notes NOR animalic ones NOR smoky ones to disturb it, to alter it : I just want pure straight plain "in-your-face" sugar sweet vanilla, edible enough to lick it ! LOL !

    And, of course ;o) , I want it to have sillage AND to be LONG-LASTING !!! :o)

    Thank you !