söndag 30 januari 2011

The Pink Room - Darkly Audacious

Darkly Audacious is the newest offering from The Pink Room. In different from No 1 it wasn´t love at first sniff when I first tried Darkly Audacious, but pretty soon I realised it is one of those fragrances that keep growing on you. It´s not as splendid, glorious and daring as it´s older sister No 1, but on the other hand it´s much more soft, cosy and a little thrilling...

In Darkly Audacious you can find notes of bergamot, jasmine, rosewood, rose, plum, patchouli, amber and vanilla. Someone asked me what kind of plum it is in Darkly Audacious, but at that time I hadn´t really learned to know Darkly Audacious. Now I know, but on me the plum don´t really act as plum. One of the days when I was trying to figure Darkly Audacious out, I realised, it´s not plum, on me it smells like cherries. Yes, in the opening I can swear that Darkly Audacious smells like refreshing, tangy and sweet cherry coke.

Neither cherry or heliotrope is listed, but when I have recognized the smell of cherry I can´t make it to become plum again. And i really don´t mind smelling the kind of cherry I find in Darkly Audacious, in the opening it´s juicy and sweet, but soon it becomes darker and more thrilling.

Within 20 minutes Darkly Audacious becomes soft, powdery, feminine, soft floral and mysterious. A feeling of dark velvet, blackish red. Full bodied, grown up and sensual. It´s still a sweet scent, but nicely balanced. It manage to be both a snuggly comfort fragrance and really sensual at the same time. Not as moodlifting, flirty or lively as No 1. Darkly Audacious rather make me think about a beautiful, sensual but a little shy women.

Anyway, the dry down is my favorite phase of Darkly Audacious. The warm wood notes becomes more prominent, vanilla and ambery glows through and something in the base smells like smoth, roasted haselnuts on me. The nutty note is kind of discrete, but still there and very, very pleasant. I usually like nutty notes in perfume, and this is nopt an exception. Simply gorgeous.

Darkly Audacious don´t have any sharp edges, it´s smoth, pleasant and sensaul from start to end. A perfect scent for winter or at parties. A little less heavy on sillage then No 1, yet quite powerful. Longvity is also good, even slightly better then No 1 (6-8 hours on me). I recommend Darkly Audacious to anyone looking for a cozy yet sensaul winter fragrance or if you favour sweet, differemt scents with gourmand elements.

Pic: National geographic

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