måndag 24 januari 2011

Comptoir Sud Pacific - Vanille Canelle

I´ve decided to stay with the vanilla for yet another posting, but the fragrance of today has another note in the leading role, namely cinnamon.

Cinnamon isn´t as commonly used in perfumes as vanilla, still you can find cinnamon in a lot of scents. But, it´s not as common that cinnamon get´s to play the leading role, Comptoir Sud Pacific´s Vanille canelle is an exception. Comptoir Sud Pacific offers a whole line on the vanilla theme such as Vanille Apricot, Vanille Banane etc, but unfortunatly it seem like Vanille Canelle is no longer in the line up, but you can find it at Ebay though.

Vanille Canelle is really a quite simple scent, and parts of it has a slightly syntetic smell (particulary in the opening), but when it settles on my skin it starts to smell incredible jummy. It´s like the scent of warm, spicy and aromatic cinnamon with a dash of vanille in some kind of gas. Really jummy and nice, as a gourmand it never becomes to heavy or sweet, this is light, airy and very comfy.

During the firts half hour, the cinnamon is dominating the fragrance, and I really like this part. After that the cinnamon becomes softer and change places with the vanilla. The vanilla is sweet, soft and creamy and becomes a little more interesting thanks to a slightly burnt sugary note. That is pretty much how complicated Vanille Canelle is, but when I feel for a simple cinnamon without any other spices, florals or whatever, Vanille Canelle is a given choise.

As a gourmand it´s incredible light, easy to like and mouthwatering, as a comfort scent it´s extremly cozy and sensual in a cuddly way. A must try for everyone that likes cinnamon. I wouldn´t mind having it as a home scent either. The sillage is definitly noticable, but the lasting power isn´t that good. After about 3-4 hours all that remains is a weak scent of vanilla sugar. the not so good longvity is something I´ve noticed with some other Comptoir Sud Pacific scents.

Since, Vanille Canelle probably will be harder and harder to find, do anyone have some nice suggestions on other fragrances with cinnamon without so much else going on around? Preferable not so sweet or heavy.

Pic: cinnamon2

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  1. I can't distinguish cinnamon in the scents I own, but I did an internet search and found others that have asked the same question too. You might've seen this yourself but, in case you didn't, here's a link.


    (There is a suggestion for CSP Vanille Cannelle, naturally.)

    Whether the suggested perfumes are too sweet or heavy is another matter, of course.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Serge Lutens Rousse is heavy on the cinnamon, and Demeter Egg Nog is a whole lot like Vanille Cannelle, just a bit softer and creamier.