tisdag 18 januari 2011

Ava Luxe - Loukhoum

I have a soft spot for fragarnces that are an interpretion of turkish delight (loukhoum). Some find that kind of scent to become to sweet, to powdery, to overwhelming, but on me, usually it becomes just delicious.

Of course I haven´t tried all different kind of loukhoum inspired fragrances that is out there, for example I haven´t yet tried Serge Lutens Rahat Loukhoum, but I´m sure I´ll love it when I do. Anyway, I have belive you don´t need several diffrent loukhoum scents, one will do just fine. And until now, Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum have been the loukhoum scent in my dream (even though i still don´t have even a decant of it!). Well, that was my opinion until I´ve got my Loukhoum from Ava Luxe...

As you might remember, I have a very special place in my heart for some of Ava luxes fragrances as Nude Musk, Midnight Violet, Film Noir and Kama (and even more that I still haven´t write about here), still some of them fail to impress me as Chaos and No.23. Oh, Loukhoum is so in the first cathegory, it is so beautiful and adorable.

Yes, Loukhoum is definitly a interpretion of turkish delight, the top notes pistachio is both dry/roasted and creamy nutty at the same time. Then the airy rose enters, vanilla, powdery, soft and delicate... kind of transparent and thin, like smelling a cloud of turkish delight.

That is the big difference between Ava Luxe´s Loukhoum and other loukhoum varieties I´ve tried. All of the others are sweet, heavy, on the border of to much of the goodies turkish delight. In Loukhoum Ava Luxe seem to capture it from a totally different view. this Loukhoum smells like if turkish delight wasn´t actually Turkish, but Japanese. Well, japanese delight, a most delicous miniature frolic, that is eaten by the most celbrated geishas during a directed ceremony reminding of the japanese tee ceremony.

When other loukhoum scents tend to be to sweet, Ava Luxe´s Loukhoum become interesting, instead of an obvious, thick kind of scent, this is eteral and subtle. The smell of rose is so delcate, so thin, so crisp that I imagine rose petals so light pink that they are almost not there. The scent of vanilla powder is gorgeous. Shortly speaking, I love everything about it.

The sillage is good, and lasting power is really good (8 hours or so). I´m happy that you can buy Ava Luxe´s eau de parfum in 15t ml bottles, that way I cabn afford more of them, but on the other hand 15 ml is way to little of Loukhoum, I´ve had my bottle in about a month and it has been of much use. I love it, middle daughter love it and youngest daughter too!

I recommend Ava Luxe´s Loukhoum to everyone that usually likes this kind of scents, but also if you find ordinary loukhoum fragrances to sweet, to powdery, to gourmand, this one could very well suit you. Try it!

If you want to indulge in Ava Luxe´s wonderful perfumes here is the link to follow:

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  1. I hate actual loukhoum, so I've never actually thought of trying this perfume, but I like the way you describe it. Thanks!

  2. kjanicki: I think you can appreciate it even if you hate real loukhoum, it´s a very sheer and soft blend.