måndag 3 januari 2011

Frazer Parfum - Chapter 2, narcisse & ylang

To write about and evaluate Frazer Parfums nine different scents is a little like being mother to a big bunch of kids. All the children are different from each other, but at the same time they share a family resemblance. No mother to more then one child could say that she likes one of the children more then the others. Most mothers (and fathers too of course) like all their kids as much, but in a little different ways.

I don´t like Chapter 2, narcisse & ylang, any more or less then nutmeg & jasmine or any of the other fragrances. If I some time in the future would have the -economic- possibilty to buy one fragrances from Frazer Parfum, I would have really big problems deciding which of them to chose...

Chapter 2, narcisse & ylang is as beautiful, well made and lovely as nutmeg & jasmine, but narcisse & ylang is happier, more vivid and more colorful. This is a scent for someone enjoying to dress in bright and clear colors. Narcisse & ylang make me think about beautiful dark women with colorful and exotic clothes like saris, sarongs and festive head pieces in all different kinds of colors, but most of all shades of yellow, orange and goldy.

Narcisse & ylang opens with a burst of warm, but also complex notes. I can detect notes of something buttery, something fruity (very soft like pears, peach and citrus), swirling garlands of golden flowers, smoth spicyness and a little animalic dash.

Just like jasmine, daffodil (narcisse) can have slightly indolic, dirty notes. In this fragrances those notes are accompanied by sweet juicyness from ylang. Narcisse & ylang is a more active fragarnce then jasmine & nutmeg, this is a moodlifting and sherfull energy boost. But as with nutmeg & jasmine, I can´t get enough of it...

While the scents develops it strikes me that it have such a nice, comfy and warm glowing effect. Narcisse & ylang becomes more complex and deeper during basenote. A papery spicyness occurs, a soft woody base brings smoth softness. Also the base is erotic, magnetic and intense, but still manage to be so comfortable. I belive narcisse & ylang is not for the shyest among us.

Narcisse & ylang lasts for about 6 hours and a little goes a long way, this is a potent blend. To waer any of Tammy Frazer´s fragrances makes me feel luxurious, relaxed and very content. Narcisse & ylang is a sparkling, lively and golden little masterpiece.

pic: Daffodil detail, flickr

4 kommentarer:

  1. Tammy Frazer's range of perfumes is extremely tempting, both in your reviews so far and on the website.

    I couldn't see a straight-forward option for buying samples, however. I'll have to get my "little grey cells" working when I get rid of this head cold!

    Some opulent African sunshine is definitely appealing at this time of year, especially when it is provided in pots of solid scents that mature and improve with age. YUM:-)

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna: They are totally wonderful, I love almost every single one of them and it´s extremly rare that I appreciate a whole line of fragrances. then of course some of them suits me a little better, but they´re all so well made and interesting.

    I would love to own one of those solids, and even though I´m sure the price tag is high (as in high high) I think it´s worth it.

    I´ve got my sample set by writing to Tammy Frazer and ask for it, I don´t know how to get samples apart from that. When I got my hands on some rare fumes I love to share with others, but in this case the samples was only about 1/3 filled so there isn´t much to share. :(

  3. The latest reviews you've done are making me more and more eager to try these too - they sound *so* good.

    Please keep trying the samples and sharing your opinions, and that'll be great:-)

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  4. Anna: Usually I´m not so impressed with all natural scents, either they´re wonderful but have poor lasting power or they´re kind of "flat" and not so interesting. The Frazer fragrances are good even compared with really great top niche brands.